Where To Get Heart-Shaped Pizzas for Valentine’s Day 2024

Pizza is a great way to say 'I Love You' — or ‘Goodbye?’

February 07, 2024

Photo by: Photo courtesy of Papa Johns

Photo courtesy of Papa Johns

Boxes of bonbons and fistfuls of flowers are nice, but there may be no cheesier way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than with a heart-shaped pizza. They’re great for holiday-planning procrastinators and people on a budget, too. No reservations or big bills required.

You could make your own, of course — or order one from a chain and let someone else do the cooking. Here’s a heart-shaped-pizza-for-two recipe to help you out with the former, and the below list of heart-shaped pizza deals at restaurant chains will set you on a path to pull off the latter. They’re perfect for anyone you love on Valentine’s Day 2024.

But what if you’re actually over your significant other and looking for a way to let them know ahead of Valentine’s Day? Pizza Hut has a plan for that as well: limited-edition Hot Honey “Goodbye Pies” you can send to someone you want to break up with in order to deliver the news in a “sweet yet spicy” way. (Though, we have to say – that would probably be a brutal way to break up with someone.)

Photo by: Photo courtesy of Pizza Hut

Photo courtesy of Pizza Hut

“Ditch that awkward break-up convo and send a pizza instead,” Pizza Hut suggests. “The delivery will include the Hot Honey pizza inside custom packaging that leaves a space on the top for the break-upper name to be added.”

Taking inspiration from a phenomenon called “Red Tuesday” — the Tuesday before Valentine’s Day — in which people break up in large numbers, Pizza Hut is offering customers a chance, starting on Tuesday, February 6, to submit visit GoodbyePies.com to request that a free Goodbye Pie be sent to someone not as special as you’d hoped.

This offer will be available through February 14, while supplies last, in “three major U.S. cities notorious for heartbreaks:” New York City, Chicago and Miami. If you and/or your breakup-ee don’t live in one of those cities, you can also visit GoodbyePies.com to request that Pizza Hut instead write a breakup text for you to send, along with a gift card link that your soon-to-be ex can redeem for a free Hot Honey pizza.

According to Pizza Hut, research shows that Valentine’s Day is “actually a holiday centered around the most heartbreak, with 45% of people agreeing it’s better to do the deed right before the holiday itself.”

But if you're not exactly looking to break up via pizza, heres where you can order a heart-shaped pizza for one, two or more.

Photo by: Photo courtesy of California Pizza Kitchen

Photo courtesy of California Pizza Kitchen

Boston’s Pizza Restaurant & Sports Bar: From February 10 through February 14, you can order a gourmet heart-shaped pizza to celebrate Valentine’s Day at this casual dining and sports bar chain. This year, the pizzas are available in medium size in restaurants or online for delivery at bostons.com or via a third-party service. Each Boston’s restaurant owner is donating $5 from the sale of every heart-shaped pizza to local charities. Also, now through February 14, you can purchase and sign a valentine to display in the restaurant, with those proceeds also being donated to charity.

California Pizza Kitchen: CPK is bringing back its “Valentine’s Sweet Deal for Two,” featuring heart-shaped, crispy, thin-crust pizzas, for 2024. Available February 9 through 14 for dine-in, takeout or delivery, you can choose either the “Classic Package” (starting at $50) or “Adventure Package” (starting at $60) and, with either package, enjoy one appetizer, two entrees and one dessert. And, when you order the Valentine’s Day Sweet Deal For Two for dine in, you’ll also receive a Bonus Card valid for a Free Pizza, Pasta or Salad (of equal or lesser value) with the purchase of any Pizza, Pasta or Salad on a future visit between February 15 to February 22.

Donatos Pizza: Donatos’ fan-favorite heart-shaped pizzas will be available again this year February 10 to 18. The create-your-own one-topping thin-crust pizzas can be ordered online, by phone or in-store; will cost the same as a medium pizza, which varies by location; and will be served uncut “because Donatos Pizza won't break your heart,” the brand says.

Marco’s Pizza: Marco’s is bringing back its heart-shaped pizza deal for Valentine’s Day 2024. Available from February 9 to 14, the pizzas start at $9.99.

Mountain Mike’s Pizza: Mountain Mike’s is again offering create-your-own heart-shaped pizzas for a limited time, inviting customers to “indulge in love at first slice.” And this year the chain is sweetening the deal for with an offer to add Mini Churros for $2.99 to any Heart-Shaped Pizza purchase.

Papa Johns: As it has in years past, Papa Johns will offer a one-topping, thin-crust, heart-shaped pizza. You can snag the limited-time-only “be-loved” pizzas for $11.99 at all U.S. locations from Monday, February 5 through Wednesday, February 14.

Papa Murphy’s: Papa Murphy’s (home of the “take ‘n’ bake pizza”) will be selling its signature HeartBaker pizza again this year, online and in stores, through February 14. Made with Papa Murphy’s fresh dough, the large HeartBaker pizza will be available in either cheese or pepperoni, for $11 ($14 in Alaska) because, the brand says, “all we knead is love.”

Peter Piper Pizza: Peter Piper says it is bringing back its limited-time heart-shaped pizzas — “made from scratch with fresh dough and priced starting at $19.98” — for 2024 due to “popular demand.” What’s more, the chain will “share the love” by raising money for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals throughout February by donating $1 for every heart-shaped pizza it sells.

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