5 Products That Will Make Your Pantry Look Like Kim Kardashian's

Can we talk about her insane sprinkle collection?

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January 09, 2020
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Photo by: ANGELA WEISS/Getty Images


The Internet lost its collective mind over a photo of Kim Kardashian posing in front of her nearly-empty fridge, which housed (non-plastic) bottles of water, roughly six cartons of milk and a large glass jug of juice — and sparked tons of confusion. Do Kim Kardashian and her family actually eat? Kim decided to set the record straight with a complete kitchen tour. The lengthy Instagram story includes a walk-through of both her kitchens (yes, she has two) and, quite frankly, left us speechless.

Not only does the reality star store food in her multiple refrigerators (the original photo was just her drink fridge…), but she keeps that food impeccably organized. Cereal is stored in beautiful glass jars, sprinkles sit atop multiple lazy Susans and snacks and boxed macaroni and cheese is stored away in wire bins. Just like the Organization Gods intended.

While you might not have a dedicated froyo machine cabinet, walk-in refigerator or super-spacious pantry, you can still make your space feel as tidy and uniform as Kim's. We’ve rounded up a few affordable storage solutions similar to ones featured in her Instagram story along with some tips to organize like a reality TV star.

Put All Your Chips and Cereals and Into Glass Jars

Photo by: @kimkardashian/Instagram


In the beginning of her tour, Kim gives us a look at her pantry reserved for what looks like cereal, chips and sprinkles stored neatly in two rows of matching glass jars. Whether you're buying wholesale or just want to get rid of bulky boxes, using one kind of jar to store all your dry goods will give your pantry a professionally organized look.

Keep Grab-and-Go Snacks In Stackable Bamboo Bins

Photo by: @kimkardashian/Instagram


We also get a look at how Kim keeps grab-and-go snacks organized in these stackable bamboo storage bins. Even if you're not displaying them on the counter, they'll make the inside of any cabinet feel extra-organized.

Store Flour and Sugar In Large Glass Containers

Photo by: @kimkardashian/Instagram


When it comes to storing flour, sugar and other bulk powders, it's always helpful to store them in something other than the bag they came in. Half-opened bags tend to make a mess and leave you vulnerable to bugs. Kim opts for large glass jars like these with matching metal lids.

Keep Odd-Shaped Foods in Metal Bins

Photo by: @kimkardashian/Instagram


In both her second pantry and her walk-in refrigerator, Kim uses these metal bins to store everything from fruits and vegetables to bottles of juice and boxes of pasta. They do a great job of keeping small pantry items organized and accessible.

Stack Spices and Sprinkles on Countertop Lazy Susans

Photo by: @kimkardashian/Instagram


The lazy Susan is having a storage moment right now, and we can totally understand why. In Kim's case, she uses them to keep sprinkles at the ready (near the froyo machine, of course). But, we think they're a great idea for spices so you don't miss what's hiding in the back of your cabinet.

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