Shortcut Dinner Recipes

Save time with recipes that take under an hour to make thanks to a few ingredient shortcuts that get dinner done quicker without sacrificing flavor.
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Shepherd's Pie

How many times have you made mashed potatoes just so you'll have leftovers for shepherd's pie? Using potato tots instead not only saves you time but makes for a crispy topping that's a nice contrast to the beef filling.

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30-Minute Coq au Vin

Classic coq au vin can take up to two days to prepare, including marinating the chicken overnight. We make a red wine sauce with bacon, mushrooms and pearl onions (the frozen variety, so you can skip the tedious peeling), then slip in rotisserie chicken parts to warm through, and voila!

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Lemon Chicken Soup and Salad

Using store-bought rotisserie chicken will cut down on the cooking time for this easy soup and salad combo.

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Moroccan Vegetable Tagine with Couscous

This quick take on a veggie-packed tagine has the rich flavor of long-simmered ingredients but is fast enough to make on a weeknight, thanks to frozen diced squash and canned beans.

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Noodle-Bowl Lettuce Wraps

This twist on a Vietnamese noodle bowl tucks vegetables, charred pork loin and ramen noodles into a lettuce leaf for sweet-savory bites that are way more satisfying than a salad. Pick up pre-cut and trimmed vegetables from a salad bar-almost any variety will work-for a dinner that comes together in minutes.

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Chicken and Dumplings

Store-bought rotisserie chicken plus pre-cut vegetables mean this stew can come together in only 45 minutes. 

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Ramen Pho

Prep Ree’s shortcut pho ahead of time, then just add hot water for a quick dinner that’s better than takeout.

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