The Best Food at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis

This year, fans from around the country will converge for the Super Bowl at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. Minnesota is known for hearty, warming food, and the Vikings' home turf is no exception. Whether you’re watching from the stands or from the comfort of your own home, here are some of the best foods to try, with where to find them and how to recreate the big-game flavors at home.

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Jerk Bacon Sammie

Jerk bacon may be the best thing to happen to bacon since apple wood. The Twin Cities Foodies stand (section 101) is a little bit of genius, gathering a handful of top-notch local chefs and asking them to dream big, at least in terms of stadium fare. That’s just what’s delivered with this Caribbean-inspired jerk bacon sandwich. Pork belly is rich, spicy and salty, paired with a cool, sweet coleslaw sandwiched in a soft, fresh bun. For those at home, braise pork belly ahead of time and whip up some pesto-laced mayonnaise.

Skol Dog

Whether or not the Vikings are playing, the Skol Dog from stadium vendor Prairie Dog (section 122), lets you know you’re in the North Star State. The snappy beef dog is topped with sweet-smoky bacon jam, bright yellow mustard and a generous amount of crispy purple potato chips. No other stadium dog will see you through a cold February night like this one. If bacon jam is not your jam, try the stand’s namesake Prairie Dog, which is a take on the Chicago dog, topped with diced onion, dill pickles, sliced tomato and peppers, plus yellow mustard, celery salt and the all-important green relish. For those at home, here are some of our favorite hot dog combos.

Beef Tenderloin Sandwiches

A long way from a stadium dog, this beef tenderloin sandwich at Ike’s Carving (sections 119 and 329) features meat that’s expertly carved to order, topped with creamy horseradish sauce and sandwiched in a fresh onion bun, made locally by the famous Denny’s 5th Avenue Bakery. Although it may feel more steakhouse than stadium, it won’t make you miss a play, and is easy to eat at your seat. For those at home, here is Ree Drummond’s take on tenderloin sandwiches to try at home.

Tennessee Hot Fried Chicken Sandwich

If you’ve spent any time eating in the Twin Cities, you will likely be familiar with Revival, a TC favorite, featuring some of the best fried chicken outside the South. So it should come as no surprise that they were tapped to open in the spanking-new U.S. Bank stadium (section 111), and that the food they’re serving is really good. Everything on the menu is worth eating, including plates of fried chicken and the original chicken sandwich, but if you’re looking to spice up your life and get blood pumping on a chilly day, opt for the Tennessee Hot Fried Chicken. This predictably messy sandwich will certainly light up your life — and mouth — at least through the fourth quarter. Those who live in Nashville can grab their own, but everyone else should prep Jeff Mauro’s fiery take.

AZ Canteen Lamb Sandwich

Andrew Zimmern has been knocking it out of the park at Target Field, home of the Twins, for years, so Vikings season ticket-holders were elated to welcome his fare to USB Stadium (section 121). And it was worth the wait: The Lamb Sandwich is one of the best bites in the stadium and worthy of Super Bowl snacking. Cumin-marinated, slow-roasted lamb shoulder, thinly sliced isslathered with a lively cucumber-Greek yogurt sauce and served on a worthy bun for a sandwich that hits right between the goal posts. For the home team, grill your own lamb for Guy’s five-star sandwiches.

AZ Canteen Frozen Hot Chocolate

Andrew Zimmern, remembering times he’s overpaid for sub-par frozen hot chocolate at big events, wanted to bring something worthwhile to Sundays at the game, especially the all-important one in February. With that in mind, he concocted a velveteen frozen chocolate mousse topped with white chocolate-covered puffed rice to serve at AZ Canteen (section 344). Nothing else you scoop out of a bowl with a wooden stick will ever taste this good. For those at home, Ina’s frozen hot chocolate wins the day.

Smoky Chicken Nachos

A million miles from salty, orange cheese people expect at stadiums and movie theaters, these Smoky Chicken Nachos — from Twin Cities Foodies (section 101) — would be winners in any setting. A close cousin to tostadas, they feature moist, aromatic chicken, piled high on whole fried corn tortillas, all draped in a luscious cheese sauce. Pickled jalapenos and loads of fresh cilantro finish a dish that might make you ok with missing the half-time show to grab snacks. For those at home, roast a chicken for nachos in green chili-cheese sauce.

AZ Canteen Roasted Pork Hoagie

When you’ve had your fill wandering the first level of USB Stadium, meander up to the 3rd level, where the other AZ Canteen (section 344) focuses on awesome hoagies. The fennel-perfumed porchetta hoagie, with thinly sliced meat, is blanketed in a generous amount of mild provolone and stacked high on a sturdy roll. For those at home, try Kelsey Nixon’s take on a hoagie.