32 NFL-Inspired Candy Mixes to Help You Cheer on Your Favorite Team

Score big on game day: Serve a candy mix in your team's colors!

By: Food Network Magazine

Arizona Cardinals

Winning Combo: Red and black gummy raspberries and mini marshmallows

Atlanta Falcons

Winning Combo: Mini Swedish Fish and black jelly beans

Baltimore Ravens

Winning Combo: Purple rock candy crystals and black M&M’s

Buffalo Bills

Winning Combo: Red peanut M&M’s, blue Sixlets and Kit Kat White Minis

Carolina Panthers

Winning Combo: Black Sixlets and blue jelly beans

Chicago Bears

Winning Combo: Orange gummy bears and navy Sixlets

Cincinnati Bengals

Winning Combo: Chocolate footballs and black milk chocolate Hershey’s Kisses

Cleveland Browns

Winning Combo: Orange M&M’s and Whoppers

Dallas Cowboys

Winning Combo: Silver chocolate nuggets, yogurt-covered raisins and blue peanut M&M’s

Denver Broncos

Winning Combo: Orange Crush gummy soda bottles and dark blue M&M’s

Detroit Lions

Winning Combo: Light blue chocolate coins and silver chocolate balls

Green Bay Packers

Winning Combo: Goldfish crackers and green M&M’s

Houston Texans

Winning Combo: Cherry sours and dark blue M&M’s

Indianapolis Colts

Winning Combo: Silver Sixlets and shimmery blue jelly beans

Jacksonville Jaguars

Winning Combo: Light blue jelly beans and black M&M’s

Kansas City Chiefs

Winning Combo: Lemonhead candies and Red Hots

Los Angeles Chargers

Winning Combo: Dove milk chocolate squares and almond Hershey’s Kisses

Los Angeles Rams

Winning Combo: Blue chocolate coins and gold chocolate coins

Miami Dolphins

Winning Combo: Gummy sharks and orange Sixlets

Minnesota Vikings

Winning Combo: Butterscotch hard candies and dark chocolate Hershey’s Kisses

New England Patriots

Winning Combo: Boston baked beans candies and blue and silver Sixlets

New Orleans Saints

Winning Combo: Grapehead candies and crystallized ginger bits

New York Giants

Winning Combo: Red Sixlets, blue jelly beans and white chocolate–covered pretzels

New York Jets

Winning Combo: Green apple licorice bites and white gummy bears

Oakland Raiders

Winning Combo: Black chocolate coins and Hershey’s Kisses

Philadelphia Eagles

Winning Combo: Teal raspberry gummy rings and black licorice bites

Pittsburgh Steelers

Winning Combo: Black cherry gummy bears and yellow Sixlets

San Francisco 49ers

Winning Combo: Gold Sixlets and Twizzlers cherry nibs

Seattle Seahawks

Winning Combo: Green M&M’s and light blue gummy bears

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Winning Combo: Hot Tamales, Twizzlers black licorice nibs and orange Sixlets

Tennessee Titans

Winning Combo: Light blue M&M’s, blue peanut M&M’s and red Sixlets

Washington Redskins

Winning Combo: Red licorice bites and yellow M&M’s

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