33 Game-Day Cocktails Anyone Can Mix Up

Drinks are a staple at any great Super Bowl party — so why not make a few margaritas, beer cocktails or big-batch sips for your bash?

January 24, 2023

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Sip, Sip Hooray

We love an ice-cold beer as much as anyone else but after an entire football season of them, we’ll admit we’re ready for something different. That’s why we like to mix it up come Super Bowl Sunday. An event that’s famous for its crowd-pleasing snacks and fan-favorite desserts, we think the big game deserves extra-special drinks, too. You don’t need to be a pro mixologist to whip up something delicious either. As long as you have a few basics on hand you can make beer cocktails—or use any liquor to create a winning sip. Looking for a few drink recipes to keep in your back pocket? You’ll love these, starting with this fun take on margaritas. It uses blue Gatorade (or any sports drink, really) for sweetness — and gets plenty of citrusy flavor from frozen limeade concentrate. Perfect for cheering your team on to victory!

Get the Recipe: Gatorade Margarita

Mauro's Michelada Supreme

Jeff Mauro kicks up a traditional michelada with the addition of fish sauce, hot sauce and chile powder.

Get the Recipe: Mauro's Michelada Supreme

Beer Margaritas

Put a new spin on your favorite beer by mixing it with limeade and tequila. For a traditional presentation, Sandra serves the cocktail over ice in margarita glasses with salted rims.

Get the Recipe: Beer Margaritas

Team Colors Cocktail Pouches

Sip your team spirit(s): These custom boozy drink pouches are color coded for the perfect tailgate.

Get the Recipe: Team Colors Cocktail Pouches

The Old Fashioned Hurricane

Jeff Mauro uses dark rum and light rum for this orange juice and orange liqueur cocktail.

Get the Recipe: The Old Fashioned Hurricane

Sweet Tea Cocktail

Bring a bit of charm to your game-day get-together by serving Guy's sweet cocktail in Mason jars.

Get the Recipe: Sweet Tea Cocktail

Dark and Stormy

This dark and stormy recipe stands out with artfully separated layers and homemade ginger syrup.

Get the Recipe: Dark and Stormy

Jalapeno Jelly Tequila Shots

Can you handle the heat in these spicy jelly shots? Hollowed out, jalapenos become edible shot glasses for jiggly tequila-lime gelatin. Since some jalapenos are spicier than others, you won't know how much burn you have to endure until you bite into one!

Get the Recipe: Jalapeno Jelly Tequila Shots

Tequila Oasis

In a cold-weather funk? Transport yourself to the tropics with a sip of this refreshing blend of tequila and citrus juices.

Get the Recipe: Tequila Oasis

Old Fashioned Amber

This beer-based cocktail also features bourbon and bitters.

Get the Recipe: Old Fashioned Amber

Beer Sangria

Skip wine in favor of wheat beer as the base for this party-ready sangria.

Get the Recipe: Beer Sangria

Pale Ginger Shandy

A shandy is the classic combo of beer and lemonade. Spicy ginger syrup and tart lemon juice round out the hoppy ale, with an extra burst of bubbles from club soda. Add leftover ginger syrup to a bowl of berries for a simple dessert.

Get the Recipe: Pale Ginger Shandy

Ginger and Carrot Cocktail

Ginger gives a kick to the sweetness of carrot and apple juices in this vodka cocktail.

Get the Recipe: Ginger and Carrot Cocktail

Frozen Beergaritas

Top homemade frozen margarita mix with Mexican pilsner and garnish with a lime wedge.

Get the Recipe: Frozen Beergaritas

Melon-Mint Agua Fresca

Combine cantaloupe with mint in a blender to create a smooth and refreshing base for your cocktail.

Get the Recipe: Melon-Mint Agua Fresca

Orange Bee Sting

Honey and orange liqueur bring out the sweetness in wheat beer, while the bitters amplify the beer's spicy notes. Squeeze the orange wedge into the cocktail for a pronounced citrusy finish.

Get the Recipe: Orange Bee Sting

Cantaloupe Sangria

This take on a classic sangria utilizes melon to bring out the natural flavors in Pinot Grigio. Swap in frozen grapes for ice cubes so you don't dilute the flavor.

Get the Recipe: Cantaloupe Sangria

Vodka Grape Sparkler

Bobby's cocktail is just as colorful as it is sweet and flavorful.

Get the Recipe: Vodka Grape Sparkler

Lime Beer Cocktail

Sandra Lee's beer-based cocktail is a crowd-pleaser. Frozen limeade turns your six-pack into a party-ready drink.

Get the Recipe: Lime Beer Cocktail

Good Eats Company Punch

Alton puts an exotic twist on this game-day punch by using Batavia Arrack, an alcohol distilled from coconut sap.

Get the Recipe: Good Eats Company Punch

Lynchburg Lemonade

Guy gets the whole gang in on the festivities with this game-day drink that is perfect for sharing.

Get the Recipe: Lynchburg Lemonade

Gina's Homemade Lemonade

Wash down hearty game-day snacks with Gina Neely's sweet, refreshing lemonade.

Get the Recipe: Gina's Homemade Lemonade

Sunrise Punch

This fruity punch of orange juice, pineapple juice and coconut milk is spiked with light rum.

Get the Recipe: Sunrise Punch

Gina's Super Bowl Punch

This crowd-ready punch is filled with vodka, beer, limeade and club soda.

Get the Recipe: Gina's Super Bowl Punch

Tequila Sunrise Punch

Pieces of grapefruit and orange make this punch a party-ready take on the classic tequila sunrise.

Get the Recipe: Tequila Sunrise Punch

Neelys Hurricane

Celebrate like you're in the Big Easy with the help of the Neelys' recipe for a bright and tropical Southern favorite.

Get the Recipe: Neely's Hurricane

Brazilian Coffee Cocktail

This creamy coffee cocktail combines espresso with sweetened condensed milk and cachaca, a popular Brazilian liquor.

Get the Recipe: Espresso-Cachaca Cocktail

Wed Wabbit

This savory cocktail has a carrot and tomato juice base.

Get the Recipe: Wed Wabbit


Cantalope and honeydew mixed with melon vodka and topped with a fruit garnish make for a beautiful, thick drink that is sure to please any crowd.

Get the Recipe: Can-Dewtini

A Very Berry Brazilian

Muddled strawberries, rum and a hint of ground cinnamon are served on the rocks.

Get the Recipe: A Very Berry Brazilian

Trio of Margaritas — Ginger, Grapefruit and Tamarind

Bobby puts his own twist on the classic margarita and comes up with three great concoctions.

Get the Recipe: Trio of Margaritas - Ginger, Grapefruit and Tamarind

Cocoa Raspberry Heaven

Take hot chocolate to another level by adding raspberry liqueur, creme de cacao and a dollop of whipped cream.

Get the Recipe: Cocoa Raspberry Heaven

Bloody Mary Bar

Want to take your game-day bloody Marys to the next level? Mix together your base, then serve buffet-style with either vodka or tequila (or both!) and all kinds of garnishes, from celery sticks and cucumber spears to poached shrimp and beef jerky. This recipe is sure to score points with everyone at your bash.

Get the Recipe: Bloody Mary Bar

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