Top 5 Steaks in America

Food Network found the top five steaks in the country. Find out which restaurants made the list.

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#5: “The Duke” — RPM Steak

At RPM Steak in Chicago, you can chow down on “The Duke” — a juicy, 10-ounce rib eye — as a midday work break. This steak is trimmed down to the meaty center loin, but the fat doesn't go to waste. After rendering for eight hours with capers and garlic, it becomes “beef butter,” which gets brushed on the steak along with an herby, housemade salt. It’s cooked in a Josper oven with coal for smokiness and served with pickled cherry peppers.

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#4: Prime Rib Roast — House of Prime Rib

Perfecting the roast is an art at House of Prime Rib in San Francisco. Diners rave over their prime rib roast and savor the elegant tableside carving. The key to this fatty and juicy meat is a marbled, corn-fed variety of rib eye and New York strip, plus a unique roasting process. Coarse rock salt covers the meat before roasting, which seals the juices while simultaneously seasoning the meat and creating a delicious crust.

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#3: New York Strip Steak — Pappas Bros. Steakhouse

“Everything is big in Texas” certainly applies to the New York strip steak at Pappas Bros. Steakhouse in Houston. Executive Chef Michael Velardi insists on buying and dry-aging his meat in bulk to ensure a controlled cut of steak. This 32-ounce piece of marbled meat is broiled with the basics — salt, pepper and butter — and then is served bone-in and carved tableside for two. 

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#2: 20-Ounce Bone-In Rib Eye — The Pine Club

Order the 20-ounce bone-in rib eye at The Pine Club in Dayton, Ohio, and you can expect a warm dose of Midwest hospitality. After aging in a temperature- and humidity-controlled environment for 28 days, the tender meat is frenched (trimmed with the bone in) to create a handle where the meat is juiciest and most tender. Once broiled and caramelized, the steak is drizzled with pure butter and served with the restaurant’s famous deep-fried onion rings. 

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#1: Porterhouse for Two — Peter Luger Steakhouse

Since 1950, Peter Luger Steakhouse in Brooklyn has made it a family mission to select the best cut of meat. Diners crave the “sizzle” sound that the porterhouse makes after it's broiled with clarified butter in an 800-degree oven. Order this steak for two and you’ll get two types of meat for the price of one: soft filet mignon on one side of the bone and meaty sirloin on the other. 

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