Meet the Cast of Bubba-Q

Meet the cast of Bubba-Q

Photo By: David Lang ©2013, Television Food Network, G.P.

Bubba Kolbasowski

Bubba's a genuine Texas pit master with over four decades of barbecue culinary experience. He's been smokin' ribs since he was 10 years old, and has grown it into a business. When he's not building custom smokers and grills, which he calls Bubba-Q's, he runs a full-time catering outfit and cooks for weekly barbecue hoedowns at the Hedger House Bar and Grill.

George "Fobo" Kolbasowski

Bubba's older brother Fobo is the tie-dyed sheep of the family. He was at the original Woodstock and has never lost that psychedelic '60s state of mind. He loves barbecue almost as much as he loves beer, and he helps Bubba complete their one-of-a-kind Bubba-Q's.

Bobby Kolbasowski

Bubba's son Bobby is a bona fide genius. With a degree in engineering from Fairleigh Dickinson, the resident "whiz kid" has got the technical know-how to make the special features on these custom barbecues come to life. What's more, he's got the practical common sense that helps keep these over-the-top builds from getting out of control.

Arlene Treacy

When she's not running her tattoo shop or riding her motorcycle, Bubba's tough-as-nails sister-in-law Arlene designs all of the artwork and provides the custom paint jobs that bring these Bubba-Q's to life.

Barry Robbins

Bubba's longtime friend and the original "man of steel," Barry is a metal fabricator by trade. He can turn almost anything into a custom barbecue in his backwoods metal shop.

Lonni Delane

Lonni is Bubba's business manager extraordinaire. Born and raised in Philadelphia, she heads up client relations and sales and — most importantly — makes sure this team of good old boys doesn't get too out of control while constructing their custom cookers.