The Worst Chef-to-Chef Confrontations in Chopped History

Tensions run high in the Chopped kitchen, and conflicting personalities plus the pressure of competitions can lead to some nasty fights. See what happens when Chopped chefs go head-to-head.

Catty Competitor

Chef Lauren Von Der Pool’s true colors show when she repeatedly rolls her eyes and calls out contestant Sarah Pouzar. Despite Sarah trying to be nothing but nice, Lauren claims to find her “annoying,” and her antagonism is so conspicuous that the judges take notice. 

Dessert Disaster

Contestant Joe Dobias thinks he has the dessert round in the bag, but it turns into a Chopped nightmare when he fails to plate his cake and can only serve garnishes. In a rare departure from the norm, the judges offer him the option of bringing over his cake to be tasted during judging — provided his opponent Joshua will allow it. When Josh refuses, it sparks a heated argument between the competitors. 

Grill-Pan Tug-of-War

When they receive Wagyu steak in the Chopped basket, chefs Elda Bielanski and Keith Young both run for the grill pan. Grabbing it at the same time, Elda and Keith engage in Chopped’s first-ever tug-of-war.  

Beg, Borrow, Steal

Chef Jon Bignelli inadvertently breaks the Chopped rules when he uses a blender directly after his competitor, Jason Tillman, and doesn’t empty out Jason’s remaining puree. Though the judges rule that Jon’s resulting dish tastes different enough from Jason’s to avoid elimination, Jason refuses to let it go and tries to get Jon cut from the show.

Tournament of Trash Talk

In the first round of the Chopped Champions Tournament, Chef James Gillespie’s strategy is to intimidate contestant Wade Burch through antagonistic teasing, which Wade can’t help but reciprocate. The two rivals relentlessly trash-talk each other, but the distraction backfires and one chef ends up with a ruined dessert.

Sweet Victory

In the final round of judging, contestants are given the opportunity to explain why they deserve to win, which Chef Amy Roth uses to talk up her own cooking. In contrast, her competitor Chris takes the chance to bash Amy’s food, saying it’s been “obvious” that he should win.

Confidence vs. Arrogance

In this all-women episode of Chopped, two chefs butt heads in the final round. When asked if she felt her dessert was more successful than competitor Cara Thompson’s, Chef Suzanne Vizethann responds “not necessarily,” refusing to throw her fellow contestant under the bus. Instead of accepting the compliment, overly confident Cara takes the comment and ran, claiming that Suzanne is too insecure to be a successful chef. 

Anger Management

Anne Burrell may be an all-star chef, but she still loses her cool in stressful situations. As the entree round becomes overwhelming, Anne has what judge Scott Conant deems a “hissy fit,” yelling at the show’s producer and knocking leftover ingredients onto the ground. 

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