The Biggest Injuries in Chopped History

Under a lot of pressure, Chopped chefs have a set amount of time to cook successful dishes; they must work in a chaotic environment, which means with possibility of burning or cutting themselves is very high. 

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Photo By: Susan Magnano

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Safety First

When Chef Mor Amitzur cuts himself on a food processor, his first thought is to just keep going and working through the injury. Unfortunately, that means a whole lot of blood in the judges' food, and Mor is forced to stop and remake his dish with gloves on for sanitation reasons. He’s able to pull off a new dish, but he's reprimanded by the judges on the importance of maintaining clean cooking conditions.

Going Up in Flames

As the saying goes, if you play with fire, you might get burned. Chef Gemma Gray takes this phrase way too literally when she runs through the kitchen with a flaming plan in an attempt to put out an oil fire, badly burning her hands in the process.

Don't Run with Knives

Chef Brandon Frohne has only three fingers on one hand, but that doesn’t stop him from accidentally cutting another one after he runs through the kitchen with a knife. He cuts his finger so badly that he loses five minutes of the entree round bandaging his wound and working around his injury.

Ruined Dessert

In this redemption episode of Chopped, Chef Kent Rollins competes for the third time to be a Chopped Champion. After making it all the way to the dessert round, however, he cuts himself badly enough to contaminate his dish with blood, making it inedible and costing him the win.

The Gloves Come Off

All contestants on Chopped are shown where the first-aid station is, and they're told to put gloves on if they cut themselves in order to keep the food uncontaminated. When Chef Barbara Esmonde’s glove gets in her way, however, she rips it off — forgetting all about her cut — and proceeds to toss salad with bloody fingers.

In Hot Water

After running through the kitchen with a pot in her hands, Chef Yoanne Magris slips and spills boiling water on herself, resulting in second-degree burns on both of her legs. Instead of leaving the show, Yoanne toughs it out and competes in extreme pain so that she can win money to visit her ill grandmother in France. 

Polluted Pastry

Chef Derrick Prince didn't even realize he cut himself until the show’s producer pointed it out. Insisting that “there’s no way anything could be contaminated … this had to have just happened,” he puts a glove on and continues plating his dessert before the final judging. Though he’s proud of the end product, enough blood is discovered around the kitchen to question if the dish is contaminated. 

Keep Calm and Carry On

After badly cutting her hand in the appetizer round, Chef Anna Maria Santorelli perseveres all the way through to the final judging. She cuts meat with one hand, shucks corn with a giant bandage, and even gets boiling hot liquid on her injured hand in the dessert round. But having to cook the whole competition with one hand hinders her ability enough to cost her the win.

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