Look Back at Cutthroat Kitchen Chefs' First Battles

See four chefs' preliminary turns on Cutthroat Kitchen before they attempt a second battle Sunday, March 23 at 10|9c. 

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After claiming Cutthroat victory in Season 1, these four top-notch chefs are facing off in a second battle this Sunday at 10|9c in the hopes of maintaining their undefeated records. Browse these photos to see inside their first winning contests.

Smart Shopper

In a key move of strategy, Chef Brian hoarded all of the bread and flour during his burger and fried chicken rounds, respectively, making it difficult for his rivals to successfully complete their dishes.

Frugal Bidder

Chef Charles had so much of her money remaining in Round 3 that she was able to pile multiple sabotages on her head-to-head rival, Chef Zadi.

Beyond the Blond

"Pink manicure, blond ponytail, just a little bit dangerous," Chef Gwen said of herself in Season 1. She proved her culinary creativity when she was forced to fashion all of her utensils out of aluminum foil.

Have Sabotage, Will Succeed

From a mandate to use processed deli turkey, powdered eggs and powdered milk to forced bread-making, Chef Frankie was dealt his share of sabotage and perhaps more. But that didn't stop him from turning out pleasing dishes and ultimately earning the win.

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