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In Food Today is a magazine show for people who are passionate about food, cooking and living well. Every day, the world's top chefs drop by to share their secrets, while we share ideas for better eating and better living in a fast-paced life.


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Blackend Medallions of Salmon Over Blue Home Fries and Blueberry and Citrus Vinaigrette

Tamale Pie

Smoked Salmon with Dilled Potato Waffles

Chocolate Crisps

Autumn Salad with Aged Sherry Vinaigrette

Adult Shirley Temple

Hershey's Brownie Cemetery Cake

Whole Red Snapper -en Crusta- for Lovers Savory Roasted Garlic, Olive and Tomato Compote and Citrus Mustard

Baked Potatoes a la Mode

Mince Meat Filling

Holiday Drinks

Bourbon Bread Pudding

Sugar Cane Skewered Strawberry Yogurt Pop


Doctor Pepper Shot

Penne with Creamy Walnut Sauce

Potato Latkes

Pork Chops with Molasses Glazed Apples

Flo's Smothered Chicken

Mexican Hot Chocolate

The Second Pigs House of Sticky Sticks

Spritz Cookies

Jimmy's Sausage Cream Cheese Jalapeno Puffs

Tomato Salad

Simple Lobster Tartare

Pesto Sauce

Tempered Chocolate (for Use in Molding and Sculpting)