Season 1, Episode 4

Low Carb Party

Chef George Stella invites his family and friends over for a dinner party that no one would ever suspect was low carb! He starts off the meal with one of his personal favorites – teriyaki sesame chicken skewers served outside a hollowed out melon half filled with melon balls. Next he prepares fresh Key West crab cakes (without using breadcrumbs) and a mustard dipping sauce; grilled Jamaican jerk pork loin cooked to perfection with a light summer squash salsa; and a healthy dessert –a gratin of fresh berries with a little sour cream. No sooner do the guests arrive than they all dig in to taste the fruits of George’s creations.

Top 5 Tips
1. Watch out for mayonnaise that is labeled "light," as it may contain more sugar than regular, full-fat mayo.
2. When cooking with crab, splurge for the real thing. Many imitation crabmeats contain added sugars.
3. Baking powder, along with eggs, will act as a binder in place of the usual carb-heavy breadcrumbs.
4. Pork is an excellent carb-conscious option. It is low in fat, has zero carbs, and usually costs less than beef.
5. Cantaloupe is a good fruit choice for the low carb dieter. Contrary to popular belief, George says that many fruits are acceptable on a low carb diet, but limit your intake.

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Recipes From This Episode

Jamaican Jerk Pork Loin

Low Carb Gratin of Fresh Berries

Teriyaki Sesame Chicken Skewers

Low Carb Summer Squash Salsa

Low Carb Key West Crab Cakes with Mustard Sauce

Low Carb Comfort Foods
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