Trisha Yearwood's Best Halloween Costumes Ever

From spooky but sweet to downright comical, Trisha's costumes are nothing short of amazing.


Give it up for Trisha and her pal Glenda, because these two know how to put the humor in their Halloween getups.

Role Reversal

Nope, you're not seeing things here. That's indeed Trisha and her husband, Garth, but it's Trisha who created a Garth look, while Glenda opted for a wig to pay homage to Trisha's locks.

Guac Is Extra

While Trisha donned a too-cool avo costume, Glends sported a Nacho Taco. Get it?!

Halloween with a Kiss

Trisha and three of her friends came together to celebrate Halloween rock 'n roll style.

Better Together

Trisha the zombie sea sorceress and her captain, Robert, are set to cook up something special on set.

Saying "I Do"

Even as a ghostly bride, Trisha had her bridesmaids on standby in case she needed help.

Frenemies Forever

Though Trisha and Glenda are indeed close friends, Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding may not have the same relationship these days.