Easy Ways to Improve Your Halloween Treats

Get inspired by the contestants' creations on Halloween Baking Championship.

Poke Holes for Vampire Bites

Tamara poked holes in her berry hand pies before baking so that the gooey filling would ooze out, resembling a bloody vampire bite.

Use Sliced Almonds as Fingernails

Aaron used sliced almonds to give his zombie fingers long, creepy fingernails.

Use Melted Marshmallows as a Spiderweb

Nerwan stretched melted marshmallows over her cake to create a spiderweb effect. She made sure to wear gloves to avoid sticky fingers.

Use Pomegranate Seeds as Bug Eggs

Lynsey brilliantly used pomegranate seeds as bug eggs to top her key lime coconut custard. The whole thing was domed with a white chocolate cage and then dramatically melted with a hot raspberry-pomegranate-cayenne sauce.

Add Edible Eyeballs

Michelle adds candy eyes to her apple Bundt cakes and turns them into a pack of mutated zombies.

Add a Slash of Red to a Cute Dessert

Jamal turns his cute pumpkin cake into a slasher cake with just a few lines and some red frosting.

Add a Surprising Crunch

Steven uses hazelnut feuilletine to add an unsettling, but delicious, crunch to his trapped-raven cherry tart.

Toast Cinnamon

Steven Vargas toasts his cinnamon with a torch and lets it steep in milk to impart unique flavor into his pastry cream for the pre-heat challenge.

Add Coffee to Chocolate

Brenda Villacorta adds coffee to her dark chocolate cake with sesame milk chocolate ganache and buttercream to intensify the flavor of the chocolate.

Use Isomalt to Create Lifelike Insect Wings

Lyndsey topped her blood orange chocolate mousse with a red-eyed dragonfly with ephemeral isomalt wings.

Use Green Coconut for Moss

Michelle created realistic moss by using coconut flakes and green food coloring, essentially turning it into a large lime-ginger macaroon. She topped that with a ginger snap cookie crumble and a melting chocolate tombstone.