Valerie’s Famous Love Cakes

The name says it all — you’re gonna love these.

Chocolate Mint Love Cake with Mint Ganache

Not only is there a dash of mint in the cake, but there’s also a bit in the frosting as well, guaranteeing that cool flavor you know and love throughout the dessert.

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Sicilian Love Cake

A sweet filling of mascarpone and ricotta deliver added decadence to this chocolatey treat.

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Lemon Love Cake

Start with a store-bought lemon cake mix to form the base of the dessert, then freshen it up with bright lemon zest and lemon juice.

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Strawberry Love Cake

A box of instant strawberry creme pudding helps the frosting come together in a flash.

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Butterscotch Love Cake

Valerie swirls a homemade butterscotch sauce into the yellow cake mix to make sure you get sweet butterscotch flavors in every bite.

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Pumpkin Love Cake

Skip the pumpkin pie and try Valerie’s Pumpkin Love Cake topped with a fuss-free pumpkin spice frosting.

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Chocolate Marble Love Cake

Simply put, one fan deemed this recipe, "so amazing!"

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