Michelle Williams and Sam Rockwell Enjoyed Entire Cheat Weekends

Because sometimes one cheat meal just isn’t enough.



NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 09: Michelle Williams is seen on April 9, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by JNI/Star Max/GC Images)

Photo by: JNI/Star Max

JNI/Star Max

Not a week goes by, it seems, when we’re not being made privy to the diet and workout regimen of some impossibly svelte celebrity or other. But the most delicious stories are not about weight-loss or toning, but rather reveal those moments when the fitter-than-thou masks slip and celebrities fill us in about their food foibles and shortcomings, the instances when they didn’t quite stick to the plan.

Who among us doesn’t love a good celebrity cheat-meal story?

All the better: a story about a celebrity cheat weekend.

That’s what we have now gotten from Michelle Williams and Sam Rockwell. The actors, who costar in the new FX show Fosse/Verdon, said that to prepare for their roles as the legendary choreographer and dancer, they had to work hard during the week to stay in shape.

“We had a special meal plan, five days a week, that kept us very trim, because I was playing a drug addict and she’s playing basically an Olympic athlete,” Rockwell recently told People.

Williams said that, after a full week of dancing and eating “very responsibly,” however, she and Rockwell were itching to do their own dietary thing on the weekends, looking “forward to Friday night all week long.”

“It wasn’t so much what we would eat on Friday night,” the actress told People. “It was what we would drink on Friday night.”

“I would drink whiskey and she would probably have a rosé, and we would hopefully have something that was off our diet like cheese or chocolate or a hamburger, something like that,” Rockwell chimed in. “It was a cheat weekend.”

Not gonna think about the Sunday night dread.

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