All the Ways to Use Irish Cream on St. Patrick’s Day

Bailey’s is for more than just spiking your coffee.

Food Network Kitchen’s Irish Cream Poke Cake

Photo by: Matt Armendariz

Matt Armendariz

St. Patrick’s Day is about more than just corned beef and Guinness. Let’s be real — it’s not an Irish celebration unless there’s a bottle of Irish cream on the table. When you think of this sweet, whiskey-based liqueur, your first inclination is probably to add a dash to your morning cup of joe, but what if we told you there are plenty of other crave-worthy ways to incorporate it into your holiday diet? This St. Paddy’s Day, grab some Irish cream (like Bailey’s) and dig in to one of these festive recipes.

Irish Cream Poke Cake (pictured above)

This top-rated poke cake packs all the flavors of Irish coffee into a rich dessert fit to feed a crowd. Not only is the chocolate cake mixed with espresso powder, but it’s also topped off with a luscious Irish cream liquor-spiked pudding.

Because no one can turn down jelly shots on St. Patrick’s Day. These booze-infused goodies pack everything you love about an Irish cream cocktail into a bite-sized treat — there’s an entire bottle of Bailey’s in the gelatin! For a little luck of the Irish, we suggest slicing up your jelly shots with a small shamrock-shaped cookie cutter.

Not a stout person? These Chocolate Stout and Irish Cream Liqueur Cupcakes might change your mind. The hints of chocolate, coffee and molasses you’d expect from a stout pair perfectly with the cocoa powder in the cupcake batter and adding Bailey’s to the frosting makes it mouth-wateringly creamy.

Wow your St. Paddy’s Day guests with a simple mousse you can whip up in just 15 minutes. Sunny Anderson uses crushed gingersnap cookies as the base, then folds Irish cream, sweetened condensed milk and whipped cream together for the topping. Freeze until set for a light and airy dessert.

You only need five (yes, five!) ingredients for a decadent Irish cream smoothie. Prep the night before by brewing a batch of your favorite coffee and freezing it in an ice cube tray. When the big day arrives, drop your frozen coffee cubes, coffee ice cream, chocolate syrup, Bailey’s and milk into a blender and blend until smooth.



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Photo by: Kana Okada ©2011, Kana Okada

Kana Okada, 2011, Kana Okada

Get the best of both worlds and indulge in two classic Irish flavors in one drink. This take on an ice cream float from Food Network Magazine swaps root beer for Guinness and chocolate bitters. Add a kick of Bailey’s into your homemade ice cream for a crowd-pleasing treat.

Spending St. Patrick’s Day at home? Don’t worry, you can still get your Irish cream fix! These Irish Coffee Brownies call for Bailey’s in the batter and the whipped cream on top. Plus, minimal baking is required — pour the brownie batter into a coffee mug and bake in the microwave until puffy.

Katie Lee makes a Mudslide Jelly Shot Casserole, as seen on Food Network's The Kitchen

Look, it’s arguably one of the most extra holidays of the year, so why not go all out on your jelly shots? Katie Lee’s Mudslide Casserole Shots are the dressed-up boozy snack you need to ring in the holiday the right way. Each shot contains a wicked combination of Irish cream, coffee liqueur and vodka. Mix your booze with powdered gelatin and heavy cream, and after it sets, cut the mixture into cubes and place each cube on a chocolate sandwich cookie. Garnish with whipped cream and a drizzle of chocolate syrup.

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