Confetti Marshmallow Popcorn Treats Are the Ultimate After-School Snack

Kelly Senyei's recipe is so quick and easy.

September 28, 2020

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No matter your kids’ schooling status, back-to-school season means back-to-school snacks, and this fall feels like a better time than ever to add a little razzle dazzle to the selection.

In a Food Network Kitchen live class, Kelly Senyei presented the perfect treat: Rainbow Confetti Marshmallow Popcorn Treats.

Ready in under 30 minutes, the gooey, colorful bars comprise a simple combo of marshmallow, popcorn, butter, vanilla extract and, of course, rainbow sprinkles.

Kelly popped her own salted popcorn, recommending nonbuttered popcorn to help the marshmallow stick to the popped kernels. If you don’t have popcorn, she advises that any non-sugary cereal works, including cornflakes and, of course, puffed rice.

The treats would probably be done in a snap if not for Kelly’s most-important tip. “Here’s the real trick when it comes to making any sort of marshmallow treat or cereal treat,” she explains. “You want to make sure that you go low and slow with the heat because marshmallows are just straight sugar, and if you put them over high heat, they’re going to burn and toast really quickly.”

The result is a silky-smooth marshmallow cloud that ribbons onto itself and is ideal for making kid-friendly puffs of rainbow joy. It’s easy enough that Kelly shared that she loves to make them with her son Evan.

If you don’t have sprinkles, try chopped nuts — Kelly suggested macadamia nuts with a dash of a tropical extract in lieu of vanilla — or even candy-coated chocolates. Though she cuts her treats into bars, she also recommended using cookie cutters to make fun shapes.

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