Beautiful Fruit Platter Ideas You Can Easily Re-Create at Home

Impress all your friends with these fresh designs.

May 07, 2021

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Slicing fruits on a wooden board close-up

Photo by: Photo by Alex Tihonov

Photo by Alex Tihonov

While it's unlikely you need a recipe to make a fruit platter, you might need a little inspiration when it comes to creating a truly impressive spread. We get it! A blank canvas can be intimidating. Lucky for you we rounded up some of our favorite presentations that we know you can easily pull off at home.

Go Big or Go Home

What’s better than one fruit platter? Three delicious options, obvi. A second, beautiful bowl filled with unpeeled fruit is a great grab-and-go option. You can make yourself a plate and pocket a clementine for later.

Add Tropical Vibes

Pineapple, starfruit and papaya — oh, my! One look at this perfect presentation and we can almost feel a warm island breeze. No matter where you live, a spread like this is sure to inspire smiles all around.

Step Things Up

Add some height to your fruit platter by placing items in a bowl as well as around it to create a stunning spread. A sprinkle of shredded coconut won’t hurt either.

Create a Centerpiece Within a Centerpiece

No bowl? No problem! Turn a pineapple into a sweet vessel for berries and more.

Use What You Have on Hand

No one ever said a trip to the store is a requirement for curating a fantastic fruit platter. Check the fridge and that countertop fruit bowl — we bet you can arrange something satisfying in just minutes.

Do More with Less

This two-tone fruit bowl was made with just a few different ingredients, but the results are absolutely eye-catching. You already know green and orange are picture-perfect. What other pairings can you dream up?

Treat Yourself

A fruit platter for one can be as special as one for a crowd, if you ask us. Customize it to your own taste and forget about having to share.

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