Yes, You Can Make a Beautiful Charcuterie Board for One

Cheese boards don’t always have to feed a crowd.

April 25, 2020
Appetizers, antipasti snacks. Cheese and fruit platter on marble board over pink linen tablecloth background. Top view, copy space


Appetizers, antipasti snacks. Cheese and fruit platter on marble board over pink linen tablecloth background. Top view, copy space

Photo by: sveta_zarzamora/Getty


I’m not afraid to admit that I absolutely love charcuterie boards. Yeah, it’s basic, but I could snack on a plate of cheese, crackers and cured meats all day, every day and be perfectly content. However, as much as I love a good charcuterie board, I hate the idea that they’re solely meant to feed a crowd.

As grazing boards and table-sized spreads rise in popularity, charcuterie constructers are finding new ways to smush more and more goodies onto their boards, and while these creations are gorgeous, they reinforce the idea that cheese boards are nothing more than party appetizers.

Well, I’m here to shake up the status quo and say that charcuterie boards can be used for more than just entertaining. This versatile meat and cheese platter can be scaled down into a single-serving meal — I’m talking breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. Whether you’re living alone or want fresh lunch inspo, grab your board and try out one of these charcuterie boards fit to feed one person:

Caprese Salad, Anyone?

Deconstruct this classic, flavor-packed salad onto a charcuterie board for a single-serving dish that’s ready in a flash. All you’ll need to do is slice up a tomato and arrange it alongside fresh mozzarella, a bowl of balsamic vinegar, basil and any other fruits and veggies you’re craving.

A Desk Lunch to Look Forward To

Make lunch your favorite meal of the day by whipping up an adult version of a Lunchable. Fill a plastic container with whatever cured meats, cheeses, fruits, nuts and jams you have on hand and indulge.

Dips on Dips on Dips

Trying to use up the dips in your fridge? Repurpose them into a drool-worthy snack board. Spoon your dips into small bowls (this Instagram user picked hummus and a homemade herbed dip) and place them on the board. Next, fill the rest of the space with crackers and veggies and dip away.

Comfort Food Board

Yup, you can even work your favorite comfort meals onto a charcuterie board. Instagrammer @theboardloon focused this board around hotdish (a tater tot-topped casserole popular in the Midwest), but we also think it could work with a small bowl of mac and cheese, baked potatoes or chicken noodle soup.

This Is Worth Waking Up For

These single-serving boards aren’t limited to just lunch and dinner. Play with sweet and savory breakfast foods for a bright way to start your day. Here, Instagram user @thetastebunny loaded her board with bagel thins smothered in plain and strawberry cream cheese, plus apple slices, a hard-boiled egg and dark chocolate almond bark.

Dessert You Don't Have to Share

Because the worst part about dessert is having to share. Satisfy your sweet tooth by assembling sliced cookies, cakes or doughnuts onto a small charcuterie board. Arrange fresh fruit around your sweets for a photo-worthy treat.

Nothing to Wine About

Don’t forget the most essential component of any single-serving charcuterie board: a glass of wine on the side. Cheers!

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