9 Mac and Cheeses That Will Make Your Mouth Water

Some inspiration for your next bowl of cheesy goodness.

April 15, 2020

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Photo by: Armando Rafael

Armando Rafael

There are some days when a piping hot bowl of comfort food just seems right. And on those days, nothing hits the spot quite like macaroni and cheese. When that craving hits, sometimes we’ll head straight to the kitchen and start boiling water and grating cheese, but other times we’ll pull out our phones, head to Instagram and scroll through the #macandcheese tag.

Why? Because this melty dish is as visually appealing as it is delicious. No matter what, those tender noodles and creamy blend of cheeses are guaranteed to make our stomachs grumble. We’ve scoured our feeds looking for mac and cheeses that are truly breathtaking (you know, just ’cause), and we think we’ve found our winners. Here are a few mac and cheese dishes we’d love to sink our spoons into:

So. Much. Cheese.

All you need is a skillet, some cheese and orecchiette for a crispy mac and cheese that’s sure to satisfy.

Add a Lil Buffalo

Because sometimes we all want a little heat. We’re drooling over the chunks of spicy chicken in this buffalo mac and cheese.

A Grilled Cheese… WITH Mac and Cheese

Sure, an ooey, gooey grilled cheese sandwich is pretty spectacular on its own but adding everyone’s favorite noodles to the mix is extra indulgent.

The Best Kind of Appetizer

Which mac and cheese from this sampler trio would be your favorite: cheddar fontina, gouda bacon or truffle? Guess we’ll have to try all three to find out!

Mac and Cheese for Breakfast

Meet breakfast mac and cheese — your latest brunch obsession. Murray’s Cheese Bar in New York City packs this melty masterpiece with bacon and tops it with a poached egg.

Pepperoni Mac and Cheese

We’ve seen mac and cheese dressed up with everything from bacon to sriracha, but the next time we make this comforting dish, we think we’ll add in some pepperoni for a flavorful pizza vibe.

Our Newest Favorite Pizza Topping

Swap your usual pizza toppings for something much heartier. This slice spreads cheesy macaroni on a crispy crust for a tasty pizza-mac combo.

Wait, What’s That Inside the Buns?

Bet ya didn’t see that one coming! Break into the Mac n’ Cheese Burger from The Bedford in Williamsburg, Brooklyn for the ultimate surprise: the “buns” are actually deep-fried mac and cheese patties.

That Cheese Pull Though

A sight we’ll never get tired of: seeing that mesmerizing, stretchy cheese pull from our first bite of macaroni.

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