Beautiful Vegetarian Snack Boards That'll Make You Forget All About the Charcuterie

Serve a satisfying spread, but skip the meat.

December 17, 2021
Cheese Platter.


Cheese Platter.

Photo by: Nazar Abbas Photography

Nazar Abbas Photography

It seems like everyone’s into making charcuterie boards these days, and people are serving them everywhere from weddings to the weeknight dinner table. How these snacks are served is open to interpretation, as well: You can use a 9x13-inch cutting board, create hand-held goodies or opt for a large-scale spread that covers the entire table. Boards for one? Also cool.

They're nothing new, of course. Considered a French culinary art at least since the 15th century, “charcuterie” refers to cured meats and meat products, therefore charcuterie boards all have one thing in common: meat. So what’s a non-meat eater to do? Curate a beautiful, satisfying snack board! We promise, no one will miss the meat.

Always Include Cheese

We especially love the caprese section of this board — such a fresh and flavorful idea. And are those ... cheese roses? We'll take those over a bouquet any day!

While a Brie round is always an A+ idea, arranging Brie wedges as the focal point of your snack board will definitely earn you extra points.

Create Something Colorful

This stunning board relies on veggies, chips and stunning citrus to give it appeal. And, as we all know, dip does make everything better.

Fire Up the Grill

Grilled veggies add tons of flavor to this fresh-from-the-market spread, and who doesn't love those grill marks?

Stick with a Classic

You can't go wrong with cheese and crackers. Strawberries, grapes, blueberries and more help add freshness to this perfect round.

Go Big

No board? No problem! OK, even if you do have a board, creating a party-worthy table spread of snacks is just more fun. The only issue we see with this table is that we don't know where to dig in first — it all looks so good!

Load Up on Protein

Packed with eggs, almonds, walnuts, cheese and peanut butter, this board delivers huge on the protein front. You won't have to worry about being hungry after this snack sesh, that's for sure.

Make a Toast

Or make many little sourdough toasts. This might not look like your traditional vegetarian "charcuterie" board, but whipped ricotta, fresh bruschetta and toasts, all served on a board? We think it counts.

Think About the Kids

This vegan snack board is sweet, salty and everything we want in an afternoon snack.

Save Room for Sweets

After seeing this, we are convinced dark chocolate should be part of every snack board. Filled with flavor and texture, this board looks almost too good to eat.

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