6 Beautiful Charcuterie Boards You’ll Want to Re-Create for Fall

It’s officially #fallchuterie season.

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Did you know that fall is the best season for charcuterie boards? Sorry summer, but it’s true. The crisp autumn air and breezy temperatures mean it’s the ideal season for sharing a snack board with your loved ones — especially when paired with a cozy fire and a crisp glass of wine (for those over 21, of course). To make the most of your fall charcuterie, take advice from these stunning Instagrams and fill your boards with seasonal fruits, fall-themed snacks and colorful creations. Happy #fallchuterie!

Break Out the Cookie Cutters

Have an autumnal-themed cookie cutter at home? Use it to stamp out pieces of cheese for a subtle touch of seasonal elegance. We love the use of maple leaves here, but pumpkin, apple or even ghost-shaped cookie cutters would work as well. Don’t forget a tub of pumpkin spread for fall flavor, too!

Up the Decor

Consider this to be your Friendsgiving inspiration. You don’t need tons of specialty ingredients — a plaid tablecloth and a few mini pumpkins are just enough to cultivate an autumnal vibe. Plus, nothing says Friendsgiving like sharing a snack board with your favorite loved ones.

Step Outside

Celebrate amazing fall weather by taking your charcuterie outside! This board was made while camping but, thanks to gooey brie and fire-roasted orange slices, still looks elegant. Bonus? All of the toppings, from salty meats to fresh fruits, are lightweight and easy to pack in your cooler, so everyone will be a happy camper!

Take a Hint from Falling Leaves

The easiest way to fall-ify your snack plate? Stick to a color palette of reds, oranges and bursts of green. Toss in a few mini pumpkins and you’re good to go!

Sweet and Scary

If Halloween is your highlight of the season, turn your charcuterie board into something a bit sweeter. Gather your favorite candies, cookies and edible decorations and mingle them into your fruit-and-cheese spread. You’ll have a stunning snack board that perfectly evokes scary season without going too over-the-top.

On the Dark Side

Embrace the darker side of autumn with a board that’s full of rich, violet-hued fruits. Blackberries, grapes and blueberry jam will pop when studded with purple flowers and fresh herb sprigs. If you want to up the palette even more, feel free to add cranberries, pomegranates and other dark-toned ingredients.

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