Like Father, Like Son: Pat LaFrieda Sr. and Pat LaFrieda Jr. Dish on Faves and Father's Day

We often refer to Pat LaFrieda, Jr. as the “Magician of Meat,” but we seem to forget that Pat LaFrieda, Jr. comes from a meat empire — a family-run meat empire. Pat Jr. runs a third-generation wholesale meat purveyor business in New Jersey with his dad, Pat Sr., and while we see the dynamic duo take viewers on a high-”steaks” ride with a side of humor on Meat Men, we wanted to know just how much the two agreed on meat.

We asked father and son the same questions to see how different (or similar) their answers would be, including who's the better grill master in the family.

What's the best cut of pork in your opinion?
Pat Jr.: Pork butt
Pat Sr.: Rib chops

If you had to choose between having beef, pork, veal or chicken as your last meal what would you pick?

Pat Jr.: Boneless loin lamb chops

Pat Sr.: Shake 'N Bake pork chops with applesauce (laughing out loud) — because they're good.

What's your favorite cut of steak to marinate?
Pat Jr: Skirts
Pat Sr: Rib steaks

When you want to splurge on a great cut of steak, what do you go for?

Pat Jr.: Aged prime inch and a half rib steak
Pat Sr.: An inch and a half rib steak

How do you prefer to eat your steak? Naked with no seasoning at all, or with steak sauce/butter/etc.?

Pat Jr.: Charred with coarse salt
Pat Sr.: With Peter Lugar sauce
Tell us one thing you always disagree on?
Pat Jr.: Mark’s future (his cousin)!
Pat Sr.: Who the boss is!

Who is the better "grill master" in the family: Pat Jr. or Pat Sr.?

Pat Jr.: Unfortunately, me.

Pat Sr.: Junior, hands down.

What's the best piece of advice your father, Pat Sr., has given you?

Pat Jr.: Do what you do and do it better.

What's the best piece of advice your son has given you?

Pat Sr.: Don’t get married again — but I didn’t listen!

How are you two celebrating Father's Day? Grilling perhaps?

Pat Jr.: Grilling in his backyard.

Pat Sr.: Grilling in my backyard.

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