Family Restaurant Rivals to Battle for $10,000

Valerie Bertinelli is overseeing the brand-new series coming in August.

Host Valerie Bertinelli and three teams, as seen on Family Food Rivals, Season 1

Host Valerie Bertinelli and three teams, as seen on Family Food Rivals, Season 1

While large restaurant chains are surely impressive, family-owned restaurants are a special subset of the hospitality industry, delivering an extra helping of charm you can’t find just anywhere. Picture this: Grandma is in the kitchen cooking, her son is managing the front of the house and her granddaughter keeping tabs on the ordering and finances. Together, they operate a streamlined and passionate business — and they make one heck of a team. Now picture this: On the brand-new series Family Restaurant Rivals, three teams like this one will come together to face off against other clever, talented families to create the ultimate showdown.

Premiering Monday, Aug. 19 at 10|9c, Family Restaurant Rivals is set to bring together new families over two rounds of competition every week. The name of the game is simple: Whose dish is best? The families will be tasked with cooking against the clock — and each other — as they attempt to survive Round 1 elimination and ultimately claim the $10,000 prize after Round 2.

Host Valerie Bertinelli will be on hand to oversee the contest — and perhaps manage a little family drama along the way, because you know that’s inevitable when families get together, right?! She’ll deliver the weekly challenges and offer guidance as each team attempts to survive the grueling fast-paced rounds, and then it’s up to the judges. Familiar faces like Jet Tila, Robert Irvine, Alex Guarnaschelli and Christian Petroni will evaluate the families and ultimately decide which is worthy of continuing in the competition—and taking home the coveted prize. Each of these families is craving the life-changing win, but only one team will earn sweet victory.

Mark your calendars for the premiere of Family Restaurant Rivals on Monday, Aug. 19 at 10|9c.