These Microfiber Cloths Can Rival Even the Best Paper Towels

If you run out of paper towels, these cloths make cleaning up kitchen counters and other surfaces a breeze.

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May 04, 2020

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Confession: Though I try to keep my home as eco-friendly as possible, I use a lot of paper towels. I know, it’s not the most environmentally sound, but whether I’m washing my hands, cleaning my counters, or wiping extra suds off my freshly cleaned cookware, they always manage to get the job done.

Problem is, I recently ran out of paper towels and can’t get a new shipment for a few weeks. Ugh. Since living in filth for the foreseeable feature is not an option, I decided to finally pick up some eco-friendly alternatives. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been putting microfiber cloths and reusable, bamboo-based paper towels to the test. While both of them have managed to keep my home clean, there’s only one that I might actually prefer over paper towels. Here's why I'm obsessed with these microfiber cloths for keeping my kitchen clean.

Shortly after I ran out of paper towels, I stumbled across an unused roll of the bamboo-based paper towels in one of my kitchen cabinets. If you’ve never used reusable paper towels before, they’re exactly what they sound like. Each roll is filled with a bunch of smaller sheets with perforated edges, so you can tear them off as needed. But, instead of throwing each sheet in the garbage, you can actually clean and reuse them. However, when I pulled my sheets out of the laundry, I noticed they shedded, shrunk and had a different texture than before. While cleaning them in my dishwasher did retain its shape and texture, I’d have to wait days for them to fully dry.

Desperate to find an easy-to-clean alternative, I bought MR.SIGA’s Microfiber Cleaning Cloth. With a “#1 Bestseller” badge on Amazon and over 1,000 rave reviews, these cloths seem to have a cult-like following. And trust me, they’re well worth the hype.

Microfiber cloths are specially designed to pick up everything from lint, to small dust specks, to the occasional sauce stain. And MR. SIGA claims these cloths can absorb more water and dry faster than cotton. Translation? They can rival the standard roll of paper towel.

“If you look really close at the fibers, they’re almost like little Venus Fly Traps at the ends,” adds Donna Smallin Kuper, author and certified house cleaning technician.

At the risk of sounding dramatic, it was love at first swipe. I was amazed at how much cleaner and shinier my surfaces looked after a quick wipe-down. They’re also super-absorbent, so I only needed to use one cloth per room. While I’d like to think I’m a tidy person, I never look forward to cleaning. However, these cloths made wiping my kitchen counters so easy, I wound up spending an entire morning cleaning my home. (It also doesn’t hurt that this pack’s rainbow colors are practically guaranteed to put a smile on your face.)

My only gripe with these MR. SIGA’s microfiber cloths is that since they’re nondisposable, I have to shake them out whenever I sweep up some crumbs. However, that’s one, tiny inconvenience I’m happy to accommodate.

But before you add a set to your e-cart, which I highly recommend, it’s important you know how to care for them.

“Don't wash them with anything else because those Venus Fly Trap cups are so good, they're going to get lint in them,” Smallin Kuper says. “The next time you go to clean with them, they can't work cause they're all caught up with lint. Wash all your microfiber cloths together, whether it's hand-washing or throwing them in the laundry.” According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a washing machine will remove bacteria, viruses and germs from your clothes and cloth face masks — and machine washing will work for these cleaning cloths, too.

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