This Wrapping Paper Smells Just Like Bacon

Add this to your list of holiday musts.

November 09, 2021


Photo by: Photo courtesy of Black Label Bacon

Photo courtesy of Black Label Bacon

There’s nothing like the smell of bacon in the morning. Hot, sizzling, the flavor wafts through the home and makes breakfast feel so much more special. But what if we could take that amazing scent, wrap it up and give it to someone as a present?

Of course, we can wrap up bacon and give it as a gift – but wouldn’t the experience be even more special if the wrapping paper itself was bacon? Sounds wild, but it’s actually happening. Black Label Bacon has launched Bacon Wrapping paper, which is a limited-edition holiday wrapping paper that has the actual scent of bacon baked into every sheet. Of course, the wrapping paper also is patterned with a weave of bacon – because what else would it have?

This wrapping paper is not for sale, but as of November 9, anyone who loves bacon can register for the chance to win a roll of their own by visiting through November 26 (that’d be Black Friday). Those who win will also get matching gift tags and ribbon with the bacon pattern. To make it all the more fun, rapper and cookbook author Coolio will also be hosting a digital video series on how to best wrap gifts with the bacon wrapping paper. We imagine that it’s rather similar to using other sorts of wrapping paper, but we’re still excited to see what he does!

As candles that smell like bacon are already out there, and this is actually the same brand created breathable bacon last year – in the form of bacon-scented face masks – we’re feeling pretty confident that this wrapping paper will be quite the delicious hit.

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