What Exactly Are Broth Bombs?

This product is the soup starter you need in your cabinet.

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March 31, 2021

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Tested by Amanda Neal, written by Rachel Trujillo

Sure, you've probably used a bouillon cube to make chicken soup, but unless you're riffing off a classic like chicken soup or something that calls for chicken stock, you might not have anything else like it to build other soups. Broth Bombs, like bouillon cubes, are a combination of spices, baking soda, citric acid and salt, and – similar to the effect of a bath bomb — make cooking a lot more fun.

The Broth Bombs come in eight varieties, but when testing them out our recipe developer Amanda Neal tried two: the “Drunken Dare”, which is a combination of dried basil and spicy red pepper, and the “Stone Broke Dharma”, a blend of warm spices including garam masala. Each bomb comes with a recipe to follow, which typically consists of ingredients such as canned beans and frozen vegetables to cut down on prep time even further, but you can also add them to any soup recipe that calls for fresh herbs and dried spices.

When testing these out, Amanda sauteed fresh vegetables, added water and canned beans and let the combination come to a boil before dropping in the Broth Bomb, as the direction stated. Once added to the simmering water, the baking soda created a fun fizz in the stew and helped tenderize the beans and vegetables. Amanda noted the chickpeas were incredibly soft in the stew, and the white beans in her minestrone were creamy and tender after only 15 minutes of simmering due to the added baking soda.

Broth Bombs recommend letting your soup or stew simmer for 30 minutes so the flavor can fully develop, and the company claims you can get the same quality from an hour cooking with a Broth Bomb that you would after cooking all day in a Crock Pot. And we’d have to agree — Amanda was impressed with the overall flavor, stating she, “only needed to add a couple pinches of salt to round out each dish.”

The list for who these Broth Bombs are great for is extensive — they are perfect for making a large pot of soup and therefore ideal to have on-hand when meal prepping or cooking for the whole family. They’ll cut down on cooking time and make potentially intimidating recipes more accessible. And, possibly most of all, they’ll add a little spark of joy when added to any dish.

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