The Dumpling Sauce I Swear By

Take the potsticker out of the soy sauce!

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May 09, 2020

Here's a hot take: I don’t think dumplings should be dipped in soy sauce – ever.

Not because there’s anything inherently wrong with the combination, but because there are so many other sauces that pair way better. And the best of them all? Wei Chuan Dumpling Sauce.

Now, before you take a look at the product’s ingredients list (and shoot me an angry Tweet) allow me to clarify that, yes, this dumpling sauce includes soy sauce. In fact, it’s the first ingredient on the list. And, while soy sauce makes up the bulk of it, it’s the other ingredients, including sugar, vinegar, sesame oil and chili extract, that take it from fine to amazing.

Soy sauce is pure umami, but most dumplings have plenty of umami thanks to their cooked meat mixtures. A good sauce should provide what’s missing in a naked dumpling – acidity without being overwhelming and a touch of sweetness and heat – to ultimately make for the perfect bite. And, with Wei Chuan, these flavors are balanced just right.

I’ve been lapping up my absolute favorite frozen potstickers with Wei Chuan sauce, which comes in “Original” and “Hot,” both of which are equally delicious, as long as I can remember. (It’s always been stocked in my mom’s kitchen, and there’s never been a reason to question it.) But the sauce is so satisfying and versatile that it can complement pretty much any type of dumpling you dip in it.

Once you dip your dumplings in this sauce, I promise you’ll never go back.

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