I'm a Health Editor and These Are the Nut-Free Snacks I Swear By

You'll find gluten-free, dairy-free and even vegan options in the mix!

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October 15, 2019

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I'm a health editor and I have a tree nut allergy.

This may seem like a weird confession, but, the truth is, it's pretty uncomfortable for me to admit that I've never had a spoonful of almond butter in. my. life. And thanks to the booming interest in plant-based alternatives to, well, everything, it's become tougher and tougher for nut-free folks to find healthful, interesting snacks. (Yeah, no almond yogurt or cashew cheese for me.)

Recently, I've made it my mission to find good-for-me snacks that I can enjoy without almonds, walnuts and the like. Here's what I keep in my snack drawer to get me through the afternoon slump — without an allergic reaction.


Nut-free or not, I can't keep these puffs on my desk for the life of me. Seriously, our editors love them. These are essentially a slighty more hearty version of a Cheeto Puff and they taste amazing. Thirteen puffs is about 130 calories and I can make a whole bag last three days if I'm really good about portion control.

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Bars are one of the hardest groceries when it comes to nut-free options, but I've finally found a grab-and-go bar that's nut-free. (This feels like a true victory when I'm traveling for work or have a really busy day.) I always keep a few of these in my bag and usually munch on one after a spin class, so I'm not totally famished when I get home and still have to make dinner.

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Two words: Everything. Bagel. These popcorn cakes are garlicky, salty and cheesy, which is exactly what I have a hankering for during a 3 p.m. meeting. A handful of these (about 10) clocks in at 60 calories, so I'll always go for a second helping.

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Even though these are meant to be a breakfast, but I love them for a pre-workout snack. The whole-grain toasts have enough carbs to give me an energy boost and the healthy fats in the avocado keep me satiated throughout my workout. Plus, the pack is less than 200 calories. Score!

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Yes, these are bean chips, but hear me out: These are the perfect crunchy, cheese powder-coated chips to satisfy your salt craving. Plus, the spicy kick is a nice touch. I'm also a fan of the texture, which is smoother than classic tortilla chips.

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Remember when Nut Thins came out? No? OK, well, I do. And I was so disappointed that I couldn't cash in on the high-protein trend. Then a friend introduced Mary's Gone Crackers and now I'm hooked. Top them with some hummus, avocado or cheese slices for an easy afternoon pick-me-up.

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Hummus can be tricky. Some contain pine nuts, which are off-limits with nut allergies, and frankly, it's nearly impossible to practice portion control. That's why these yogurt and hummus combo cups are so great. The yogurt adds a boost of gut-friendly probiotics, and you've got a nut-free hummus in the mix, too. My favorite is the roasted red pepper flavor, but you can also find these guys in original and roasted garlic.

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This isn't technically a snack, but dessert is important, too! Most non-dairy milk options are off-limits for me, so I've fully embraced the oat milk trend. When I want to feel healthy by eating a dairy-free ice cream, this strawberry flavor does the trick.

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