7 Satisfying Snacks That Are Gluten- and Dairy-Free

Trust us — you’ll want to stock up on these.

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April 18, 2021
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I am a champion snacker. That might sound like an exaggeration, but truthfully, I snack a lot. It’s not uncommon for me to forgo meals in favor of grazing, and I truly enjoy a snack more than a big meal.

When I decided to cut out gluten a few months ago, I was concerned about whether I would still be able to snack freely on my favorite foods — like pretzels, pita chips and chocolate, to name a few. I also tend to limit dairy, which felt like an additional hurdle to finding great snacks. However, I was completely wrong. There are so many amazing gluten- and dairy-free snacks to choose from, like the seven I’ve listed below. Trust me — once you try them, you’ll want to make sure you keep these stocked in your kitchen.

22.47 (for a pack of four)

Any super-satisfying snack plate needs to have a crunchy element, and that’s where Quinn’s pretzel chips come in. I love that these pretzels are both grain-free and paleo-friendly, with an ingredient list that’s short and easy to understand. Eat them as-is or use them as a dipper for tuna salad or your favorite dip.

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14.99 (for a pack of three)

You only need apples and water to make a great applesauce, and Musselman’s proves just that. Though I love to snack on these, they also make a great side dish. Serve a pack alongside a pork loin or baked chicken for the easiest healthy side ever.

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When I’m craving chocolate (which happens pretty much every day, if we’re being honest), I always reach for a bar of Jojo’s. These chocolate bars are vegan, gluten-free and have some added protein, so they’re a lot more satisfying than your regular candy bar. Though the original flavor is great, I’m partial to the peanut butter delight, which is topped with chopped nuts, filled with peanut butter and absolutely delicious.

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12.75 (for a pack of three)

Made primarily with seed flours (like sunflower, flax and pumpkin), these crackers are a snack you’ll feel good about. Seasoned with onion, garlic, poppy seeds and more, they’re a perfect complement to dairy-free cream cheese, hummus or your favorite spread.

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Ice cream is the key to happiness, and you don’t have to sacrifice it to fit your dietary needs. Though there are a number of delicious vegan pints to stock up on, not all of them are gluten-free, too. Luckily, this avocado-based ice cream checks all the boxes — and it’s seriously good. Cold-pressed avocados ensure a creamy, dreamy texture that’s just like the real thing, while the chocolate flavor is perfectly on point.

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I’m not lying when I say I eat a clementine every single day. I love how sweet and portable they are, so it’s easy to snack on one on the go. Plus, the Vitamin C-packed fruits lend a little bit of sunshine to even the rainiest afternoons.

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20.88 (for a pack of six)

I am a huge fan of all Enjoy Life products, which are guaranteed to be free from gluten and 14 other common food allergens, like dairy, nuts, soy and more. Though you can’t go wrong with any of their products, these chocolatey chewy bars are a must-have. With a delightful texture and plenty of chocolate chips, these are more like a brownie than your average snack bar.

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