Rachel Ray plated this meal she calls A Bowl Full of Comfort: Curry Ramen with White Miso, as seen on 30 Minute Meals, Season 30.
Recipe courtesy of Rachael Ray

Curry Ramen with White Miso

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  • Level: Easy
  • Total: 30 min
  • Active: 25 min
  • Yield: 4 servings
Rachael Ray makes her riff on takeout ramen with smoked chicken and a broth layered with ginger, miso and a blend of spices.



  1. Place a large pot of water on to boil for ramen (see Cook's Note).
  2. Grind cumin seeds, coriander seeds and fenugreek in small spice mill. Mix in garam masala and ground turmeric (if fresh not available).
  3. Heat stock or broth over medium high-heat with white miso paste, fresh turmeric (if using), ginger, garlic, curry leaves (if using) and spice blend. Bring to a low boil and reduce heat to simmer.
  4. Place eggs in small pot and cover with water. Bring to boil, remove from heat, cover and let stand for 6 1/2 minutes. Drain the eggs, crack the shells and soak in cold water a few minutes to loosen. Peel eggs and reserve.
  5. Heat a large deep skillet with a few inches of water to a boil over high heat. Fill a large bowl with ice and cold water. Line a large platter or tray with a kitchen towel.
  6. Cut corn from cob in large bowl to collect the kernels as you scrape them.
  7. Add salt to the boiling water in the skillet. Blanch vegetables in batches, about 3 minutes for the carrots, 2 minutes for the asparagus and 30 seconds for the Swiss chard and corn. Remove the vegetables with large spider and transfer to the bowl of ice water. When cool, transfer with the spider to the kitchen towel-lined tray.
  8. Cook the ramen in the pot of boiling water 4 minutes or 6 to 7 minutes for pasta in water with baking soda (see Cook's Note) and drain.
  9. Arrange in a bowl: Ramen, small piles or bundles of corn, asparagus, chard, carrots and chicken. Top with radishes, shiso leaves and scallions in the center and arrange a halved egg alongside the chicken. Ladle the ramen broth over top carefully to heat the ingredients and distribute the broth.
  10. Serve with hot sauce and black garlic soy, shoyu or tamari to add to noodles to your taste.

Cook’s Note

For a ramen fake-out, add 2 tablespoons baking soda to 3 quarts boiling water to cook 12 ounces of thin spaghetti. The alkalized water will allow the spaghetti to mimic the chew and texture of ramen for this recipe.