The Pork Chop Handbook

Food Network Magazine explains which chop is which and how to grill them all. 

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Photo By: Con Poulos

Photo By: Con Poulos

Photo By: Con Poulos

Photo By: Con Poulos

Photo By: Con Poulos

Rib Chops

These are the most common kind of pork chops. They come from the center of the loin and tend to be lean.

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Loin Chops

All pork chops come from the loin, but those labeled "loin chops" are from the center. They have a T-bone shape and are great for grilling — the bone helps keep the meat from drying out.

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Sirloin Chops

These inexpensive chops come from the area around the pig's hip and often include part of the hip bone. They're fairly lean, so be careful not to overcook them.

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Double-Cut Chops

These are special-occasion chops — you'll need to get them from a butcher. They're super thick, so the cooking time is longer, but they're less likely to dry out.

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Blade Chops

These are cut from the shoulder end of the loin. They're more marbled with fat than other chops and have great flavor, but they can be chewy, so don't skimp on the marinating time.

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