Step Inside Food Network Fantasy Kitchen 2019

Eclectic style plus genius storage solutions create a kitchen that stuns and surprises.

By: Caylin Harris

Photo By: Josh Grubbs

Photo By: Josh Grubbs

Photo By: Josh Grubbs

Photo By: Josh Grubbs

Photo By: Josh Grubbs

Photo By: Josh Grubbs

Photo By: Josh Grubbs

Photo By: Josh Grubbs

Photo By: Josh Grubbs

Photo By: Josh Grubbs

Photo By: Josh Grubbs

Photo By: Josh Grubbs

Photo By: Josh Grubbs

Photo By: Josh Grubbs

Photo By: Josh Grubbs

Photo By: Josh Grubbs

Photo By: Josh Grubbs

Photo By: Josh Grubbs

Photo By: Josh Grubbs

Photo By: Josh Grubbs

Photo By: Josh Grubbs

Photo By: Josh Grubbs

Photo By: Josh Grubbs

The Best of Any Era

Who doesn’t love a good throwback? This kitchen combines colorful design trends from the past — hello, patterned tile — with the future of home technology, to create a spot where your family will love to spend time. Created by interior designer and HGTV Design Star winner Tiffany Brooks, with culinary advice from Chopped judge and Best Baker in America host Scott Conant, this cozy kitchen just might encourage your busy family to put their phones down and stay awhile.

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Midcentury Meets Modern

If your kitchen tends to be a gathering space, you should give guests a comfortable, out-of-the-way spot to sit. This breakfast nook is a nod to '50s and '60s style with its clean lines and geometric shapes. "A banquette or a booth in the kitchen lends a cozy, tucked-away feeling," says Brooks. "I love to introduce elements that would typically be in a living room, like this artwork. It makes kitchens feel more touchable, more useable, and makes the room a spot that people will gravitate toward."

Smart and Stylish

Of course, it's not enough for the ideal kitchen to be beautiful — it also needs to work hard. The black stainless design of the appliances from GE's Profile series is a refreshing departure from more typical finishes, but it also feels instantly classic. But the appliances' most-special attributes are found within; each has clever connected features to make cooking easier. Preheat the double ovens from your phone before you even walk in the door. Schedule automatic replenishment of the dishwasher's detergent. You can even walk away from the fridge's water dispenser as it fills a pitcher — it will stop before even one drop spills over the rim.

Appliances: GE Profile Series (refrigerator, ovens, cooktop, microwave, dishwasher).

Out of the Blue

A backsplash should be anything but boring. This bold, patterned tile informed the design for the rest of the kitchen — especially the cabinets. "I wanted to find something that played nicely with the tile, plus the cabinets' vertical lines offered movement and dimension that looked more interesting than a flat slab," says Brooks. More than just a pretty face, the Cabinets To Go cabinetry offers adjustable shelving and customizable interiors to help keep everything at your fingertips.

Cabinets: Cabinets To Go, Manhattan Graphite (kitchen perimeter) and Metro White (pantry and kitchen island).

Sleek and Special Faucet

The modern curve and stainless steel finish of the American Standard faucet complement the pulls and knobs throughout the kitchen. But the faucet also has clever features any home cook will love: It turns on and off with the push of a button, and it can automatically measure water up to 5 cups. It's especially handy for baking, no matter whether you're ready to add just the right amount of water to a recipe or you have your hands covered in flour and need a quick rinse.

Faucet: American Standard, Beale MeasureFill Touch Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet. Buy it here.

Walk All Over It

Want your floor to have a grounding influence on your design? "To add balance in a space, I like to choose contrasting colors so everything doesn’t blend together," says Brooks. Here, the white Talon engineered hardwood floors help the island and cabinets stand out while providing a durable surface that will hold up over time. Up to four times stronger than traditional wood, it’s ready to handle enthusiastic pets, kids, and general wear and tear.

Floors: Talon, 5-inch plank hardwood in Casablanca White (kitchen) and Zurich Coco Matte (pantry).

Mix It Up

If you do a lot of entertaining, a hardworking beverage station allows guests to pour themselves a drink without getting in the way of the chef. "To break up the floor-to-ceiling storage and cabinetry, I repeated the same backsplash tile," says Brooks. "Keeping the appliances a darker color helps them blend in as well, so everything has a seamless look." Creating smaller zones within the room helps it function better as a whole.

Just the Right Touch

These days, choosing a refrigerator is about more than matching it with your cabinets — and this black stainless model is more than just a pretty face. First, a door-in-door feature means you (or kids!) can quickly grab items on the door without having to open the whole fridge, keeping more chill inside. Plus, the autofill dispenser allows you to fill any container, from a glass to a pitcher, without having to stand at the fridge — the sensor won't allow even a single drop to go overboard.

Super Tidy Storage

To keep your kitchen organized, first figure out your problem areas. The utensil drawer can quickly become messy, but choosing built-in organizers in your custom cabinet drawers will help you find everything you need quickly and easily — without getting poked by that random barbeque skewer … again.

Spices at the Ready

Conant loves having spices nearby the prep areas and cooktop for easy access. A dedicated narrow cabinet for all those tiny bottles means that every flavor is at your fingertips in a flash. This construction allows you to stack spices tall instead of deep, so you can see everything in there at once.

Perfect Pegs

There's nothing worse than getting a drawer organized just the way you want it, closing it, then hearing everything slide into a big pile — we’re looking at you, plastic containers. Drawers with a built-in pegboard finish help keep those stacks of stuff looking nice and neat, while their soft-close capabilities ensure they don’t slam.

Stellar Sink

Nothing says "I'm ready to host a dinner party" like a deep farm sink. This gleaming white basin pairs perfectly with the American Standard faucet's minimalist design and accentuates the white veining in the quartz countertop.

Faucet: American Standard, Beale MeasureFill Touch Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet.

Incredible Island

Brooks wanted the island, which is so much more than simply a functional workspace or a place to grab a quick bite in the mornings, to create contrast between the white floors. Outfitted with an '80s-inspired black quartz and butcher-block combo, the minimal pattern stands out without clashing with the rest of the kitchen.

On a Roll

"We custom built this rolling butcher-block surface," says Brooks. "I love the contrast between the wood and the stone, but it also serves as a functional space too. It's perfect for chopping or prepping, but it can also roll completely away from the counter to become an impromptu sidebar." So you’re not running back and forth, Conant recommends stashing knives near your cutting surface too.

Bring the Heat

A beautiful black cooktop blends in seamlessly with the quartz countertops. "The telescoping vent feature, or an exhaust fan, was totally necessary because I wanted to have a storage feature above the island," says Brooks. Its thoughtful design also has the home cook in mind with its dishwasher-safe grates and sealed cooktop burners, making it much easier (and quicker) to clean.

A Bright Idea

This custom piece is the kitchen's showstopper. "I wanted a light fixture over the island, but I also wanted something that would hold glassware," says Brooks. "I got this idea from a kitchen I saw on a TV show and thought it would be a great way to show off glassware that’s too pretty to tuck into a cabinet."

Storage in Every Spot

Don’t let your microwave take up valuable counter space! Tuck it into a shelving area on your island instead. "Built-in shelves in the kitchen are great for things like cookbooks, appliances and cutting boards, but don’t forget to mix in some personal touches too," says Brooks. "I always like to add in family pictures and a few surprise items to make the room feel homier."

Supply and Demand

A walk-in pantry might be the ultimate indulgence, but it’s totally worth the square footage. Not only can it wear many hats, but it frees up the kitchen cabinets for all of your glassware, pots, pans and appliances. To create some separation between the rooms, Brooks used a bold color on the trim. "I pulled this shade from the veining in the cabinets," she says. "That's what I typically suggest: Pull in accents from what you already have. It helps create a limited and cohesive palette."

A Spin on Traditional

Just because you stick with a classic like durable, engineered hardwood, it doesn’t mean you have to style it traditionally. "I used a herringbone pattern in the floor of the pantry to help add movement to this smaller room," says Brooks. "It adds some pizzazz and texture as well."

Opposites Attract

More than just a pantry, this room serves several purposes thanks to smart design and organization. "It’s a coffee bar, crafting station and office too," says Brooks. "To keep the design feeling related, but decidedly different from the kitchen, I flipped the colors. So instead of dark cabinets I did white, the floor is dark, and I used the same color tile as the backsplash but without the pattern." Using the same colors in different ways helps link the spaces while keeping things from feeling too repetitive.

Organize, But Make It Fashion

Open shelving is super versatile, but it can get cluttered quickly if you don't have a game plan. Here, wire baskets and clear containers help corral loose items while allowing you to see what’s inside — items like citrus and even sparkling water bottles look pretty when grouped together in sturdy bins. Chalkboard labels, a few choice accent ceramics and even hidden artwork elevate this storage space even more.

Small But Mighty

Don’t let a small space make you think you can’t fit a desk. "We got creative with drawers and cabinets — they have built-in organization, filing and charging spaces," says Brooks. "Plus, we used the vertical wall space to add extra storage." Sometimes limited surface area helps cut down on clutter because you have room for only the basics.

Squared Away

Is this not the tidiest "junk" drawer ever? Clever drawer compartments mean you’ll never have to dig to find a paper clip again. When you’re planning your room, try to decide what functions each drawer will perform. Figuring out your specific storage needs will help you choose the right cabinets.