7 Kitchen Organization Tips from the Most Organized People on Instagram

We asked the Insta-famous founders of The Home Edit how to turn your kitchen into the most organized room in your whole home.

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September 10, 2019

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Photo by: The Home Edit

The Home Edit

Chances are you’ve seen the handiwork of the dynamic duo behind The Home Edit before. Their iconic organizing style is all over celebrity Instagram feeds including that of Reese Witherspoon, Eva Chen and Gwyneth Paltrow, just to name a few. Color-coded cookbooks, labeled pantry shelves that rival a restaurant kitchen and clutter-free countertops are just a few of the tell-tale signs Joanna Teplin and Clea Shearer have touched a kitchen you might have spied on the Internet.

Photo by: The Home Edit

The Home Edit

The pair run their organizing business in Nashville and offer in-home and virtual services for organizing every crevice of your home. If you’re anything like Food Network editors, there’s a good chance you spend most of your time in your kitchen. And there’s an even better chance that it’s one of the messiest rooms in your house. That’s why we asked Joanna and Clea to share their tips, tricks and top products for getting your kitchen totally organized — and keeping it that way.

First, Clear Everything Out — We Mean Everything

According to Clea and Joanna, the biggest organizing mistake most of us make is thinking we can organize our kitchen without taking everything off the shelves. "Once everything is out, you can see what you have, check the expiration dates, toss anything old, and combine any duplicates," they said. Use this process as a way to take stock of what you’re throwing away and maybe shouldn’t buy again. They recommend doing a "mini-edit" every week to stay on top of the waste.

Your Pantry Is Probably Your Most Disorganized Space — Start There

Not sure what to tackle first? Clea and Joanna told us the pantry is where most of the clutter occurs. "It’s a space where things tend to pile up because items are added more frequently and it’s being used on a daily basis," they said. That's one more reason it’s so important to take everything out of the space before you start organizing. Use glass canisters and a labeling system to keep your dry goods organized when you finally put everything back.

Spices Should Look the Same

A consistent storage system for your spice rack is the secret to keeping your cinnamon and cumin from a fatal mix-up. "The uniformity will help maximize space and the color will act as a visual tool for easy accessibility," Joanna and Clea said.

Throw Away All Takeout Condiments and Utensils

You definitely have a few (or more!) of these lying around your kitchen (probably in your flatware drawer) and really, have you ever used one? "Chances are you will never use them because you probably forgot you had them in the first place. Goodbye, see you never." Use customizable dividers instead of a merged organizer to keep your everyday flatware organized.

Turntables Are an Organizer’s Best Friend

You’ve probably seen large versions of these guys as patio décor, but in smaller sizes, they can be the secret to an organized space. "It can be used to store snacks in the pantry, cleaning products under the sink, and kitchen gadgets in a cabinet — just to name a few!"

Store Utensils in a Drawer

When given the option, Joanna and Clea suggest storing cooking utensils in a drawer rather than a crock on the countertop. "We suggest storing as much in a drawer or cabinet as possible because counters can become easily cluttered." Use expandable drawer divider to customize your drawers to fit your needs. And make sure the most-used items are easily accessible. Keep the lesser-used items on a high shelf or in the pantry.

Photo by: The Home Edit

The Home Edit

Map Out Your Fridge

Figuring out how to organize your refigerator can be complicated. How do you organize school lunch, cans of sparkling water and fruit in a way that makes prepping dinner and grabbing a snack a breeze? Clea and Joanna suggest designated zones and labeled bins for easy organization and a turnstile for all those pesky condiments you forget about. "Also, don’t forget to leave space for leftovers!"

A Junk Drawer Is (Sort Of) OK!

Though we feel like this may defeat its purpose, Clea and Joanna "approve of a drawer that holds a random assortment of items (aka a junk drawer), as long as it’s organized and contained by category." Before you freak out, here’s how they recommend keeping it clean: Inserts and dividers will keep the whole thing categorized and orderly. Bottom line: Don’t let it become a "dumping ground." (Good luck.)

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