The Best Bins, Dividers and More for Organizing Your Fridge

These affordable products will keep your refrigerator tidy, your produce fresher, and your cooking routine more streamlined — plus some storage tips to take your fridge organization to the next level.

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January 25, 2022

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How to Organize Your Fridge
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A neat and tidy fridge can truly transform how comfortable you feel in your kitchen. With the right bins and storage techniques, your food stays fresher and everything is within easy reach when you're cooking and snacking. No one knows this more than Food Network host (and keeper of all our best tips!) Vivian Chan. Watch her give us a tour of how she organizes her fridge, her favorite produce storage tips and — the best part! — all the bins, dividers and bags she uses to accomplish it all.

These affordable picks can go a long way in making your fridge a more manageable space; best storage solutions are uncomplicated, and these items definitely check that box. Consider Viv's advice and then pick a few organizers that suit your eating and cooking needs to get started.


The drain plate at the bottom of these bins allows food to sit above any moisture that might collect, and the slim shape makes them perfect for stacking and storing berries, mushrooms and fresh fish in a single layer.

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Viv likes to wash and prep her greens and other produce right when she gets home from the grocery store, and these bins mean she's ready to neatly store them too. The internal colander allows moisture to drip away from your produce, which helps them last longer. Plus they have vents on top that open or close, depending on how humid you want your bin; close the vents to keep greens and other veggies from wilting too fast, and open them for fruits so their etheleyne gas can escape, avoiding overripening.

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This clever container keeps cans tidy, contained and easily stackable, which means they take up less space in your fridge. Plus, there's a lid that allows you stack even more items on top. Viv likes to place this container on the top shelf, which can be a little warmer than the lower shelves.

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Funny how food doesn't come in neat, stackable square shapes, right? These workhorse bins make things neater (and more pleasing to the eye) by corralling everything from piles of produce to odd amounts of leftovers. They're clear so you can quickly see what's in them — and are easily labled with dry erase marker.

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Viv wants to make sure her whole family knows what's stored in the fridge, but who wants to print individual labels for every bin? A wine marker (which you might also use for labeling people's wine glasses at a party) is great to keep handy. It's dry-erase, so you can jot a label on a plastic bin or drawer front and just wipe it away when you need to change it.

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Viv likes transferring her eggs to a clear container that's easy to clean if one breaks. This bin also makes it easy to see how many eggs you have left, and it has a lid that lets you stack other things on top and keeps odors away from the eggs. Eggs love to absorb the smells from their fridge neighbors!

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A pretty bin makes your fridge feel a little more homey, and puts food like berries within easy reach for snacking. Viv lines hers with a little paper towel to collect any dripping juices and prevent mold from growing.

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You've probably considered drawer dividers like these for dressers or closets, but they work great in your fridge's crisper drawers too. A divider can make the space less cavernous so fruit and veggies aren't rolling around, and it creates compartments for a fresh and tidy look.

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These reusable zip-top bags are great for stowing anything you'd normally store in a single-use bags: pieces of cheese, handfuls of nuts, half an onion, a to-go bag of berries, and more. Viv likes to use hers for storing herbs she wraps them in a damp paper towel, puts them in the bag, and then tucks them into her crisper drawer.

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Quarter sheet pans are the perfect size for sliding onto your fridge's lowest shelf, where you should store meat. The pans catch any drips so they don't conaminate other food and make clean-up easy. Plus, you can easily pull them out to find what you're looking for or shift things around.

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