The Best Bins, Trays and More for Organizing Your Fridge

Upgrade your kitchen with these refrigerator organizers that will keep your produce in order and your fridge tidy — all for under $25. Plus, we're sharing some storage tips you won't want to miss.

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December 12, 2023

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Let's be honest: The refrigerator is one of the most frequently visited spots in the entire house. Whether you want to grab a snack or get ingredients for a new recipe, it all usually starts in the fridge. That said, it can be hard to find exactly what you need when everything is scattered without any rhyme or reason. If that sounds like a familiar problem, then you'll want to consider looking into refrigerator organizers.

To help you get organized in the kitchen, we've compiled a list of the best refrigerator organizers you'll definitely want to add to your cart. Keep on reading to find picks from top retailers including Amazon, Crate & Barrel, Target, Walmart and The Container Store.


This bin is a berry good option to add to your refrigerator. The BPA-free colander fridge bin comes with a divider to separate food in an organized way. It's the perfect place to hold berries of any sort — strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries — without getting them mixed up. When it's time to dig in, utilize the tiny built-in handles to easily take it out of the fridge.


Are you a lover of eggs? Whether you prefer hard-boiled eggs, over-easy or sunny side up, this egg holder allows you to ditch the carton and save some space in your refrigerator. With a seven-degree slope, once you take one egg out, the next one will roll down so you can easily grab it the next time around. This single plastic holder can hold 18 eggs, so it's spacious, too.

$30.68 $22.99
25% Off

Keep the mess at bay with this set of eight refrigerator bins that provide individualized spaces to separate items based on category. For example, you can keep the tiny milk cartons in one bin and the cheese sticks in another. The clear design helps you identify exactly what is in the bin, too.

$22.98 (Set of 2)

This clever container keeps cans tidy, contained and easily stackable, which means they take up less space in your fridge. Plus, there's a lid that allows you to stack even more items on top.

$23.99 (Set of 2)

Are you a leftovers person? If that sounds right, then you'll want to invest in these reusable silicone bags. Instead of opting for a Ziploc or some aluminum wrap, grab one of these storage bags that can be used again and again. The 30-ounce bags are suitable to hold a sandwich, pretzels, leftover fruit and nearly any other snack you could possibly want to keep fresh.

The Container Store

There's nothing better than a glass of chilled wine, right? If you're looking for another place to keep your wine aside from a wine rack, then opt for these plastic wine holders. The stackable bins are designed to be placed on a refrigerator shelf and can securely fit a standard 750mL bottle of wine with their lockable clips.

$15.99 $14.39
10% Off

You might already own a shower caddy, but what about a fridge caddy? Designed with two rear wheels and handles at each end, this caddy can easily be maneuvered in and out of a tiny fridge. For even more organization, it comes with two adjustable dividers so you can keep items separated when necessary.


For those larger items — think tubs of yogurt or bags of spinach — consider this deep fridge bin. Made from BPA-free material, the bin is eight inches deep, making sure items can not only fit but also are visible without moving things around. For extra organization, there's a built-in partition so you don't have to worry about items mixing either.

Crate & Barrel

As opposed to stackable wine bins, this beverage mat can keep items in order horizontally. It's made to hold up to six bottles and 12 cans, whether that's wine, soda or sparkling water. The mat is great for those who love to entertain as it can hold lots of cans without taking up much refrigerator space in the process.


Not interested in a traditional refrigerator organizer? Opt for this shelf divider that can be placed over groups of items. For example, if you have a section of Greek yogurts, then you can place the divider over it to section them off. You can even place items on top that are similar so everything is together and not all over the place. This is great for families and individuals who are on the go and need to grab something quick.

$28.77 $23.79
17% Off

The drain plate at the bottom of these bins allows food to sit above any moisture that might collect, and the slim shape makes them perfect for stacking and storing berries, mushrooms and fresh fish in a single layer.

$21.52 (Set of 2)

Quarter sheet pans are the perfect size for sliding onto your fridge's lowest shelf, where you should store meat. The pans catch any drips so they don't contaminate other food and make clean-up easy. Plus, you can easily pull them out to find what you're looking for or shift things around.


Now that your fridge is organized, you might be looking for a way to label everything. These dry-erase food labels can be changed in an instant and easily stick to Tupperware and storage bins without hassle. Whether you're a family of four with different sections of the fridge or live in a shared apartment, the labels can help you remember what belongs to whom.

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