This Might Be the Most Soothing Instagram Account Ever


March 28, 2020
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If there’s one thing we know, it’s that Instagram is filled with all kinds of photos and videos fit for every mood. When we want to relax and destress, we tend to turn towards calming ASMR videos that give us all those warm and tingly feelings on the inside. After browsing around the ‘gram, we think we might have found the most soothing Instagram account ever.

Korean Instagram user @y.na__ is known for her popular, pristinely made “home café” videos, where she whips up unique milk tea, matcha and other beverage concoctions. It’s easy to get lost in her videos — everything from the colorful foams to the peaceful music playing in the background (sound on!) is super satisfying.

We can’t stop watching her make these artsy foods and drinks. Here are a few of our favorites:

Strawberry Taro Milk Tea

Watch as pastel pink and purple milk are poured over colorful strawberry taro, and make sure to stick around for the ultra-soothing overflow of foam at the end.

Dalgona Coffee

You’ve probably seen dalgona coffee all over your feed, and we can see why this creamy coffee is so popular. Topping the milk with that beautiful, golden foam is oh-so-satisfying, and we’re particularly fond of these cute cat cups.

Avocado Matcha Latte

What’s more soothing than making a matcha latte? How about making a matcha latte in an avocado?

Rose Lemonade

This color-changing lemonade with rose-filled ice cubes is almost too pretty to drink.

Strawberry Yogurt

Who knew a breakfast parfait could be so mesmerizing? Watch as each layer is carefully constructed in the adorable bowl: yogurt, pureed strawberries, granola, fresh strawberries and a scoop of ice cream.

Rose Latte

We could stare at this delicate rose latte art for hours.

Tie-Dye Matcha

Crafting this extra-large bottle of matcha almost looks like a science experiment. First, the matcha is poured over ice, followed by milk and a blue liquid. The result? A gorgeous, tie-dye drink.

Souffle Omelet

We’re not sure what’s more mesmerizing: the pouring of the thick, jiggly batter into the skillet or the folding of the finished bouncy souffle omelet!

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