What's Your Instagram Food IQ?

Mermaid toast! Pancake cereal! Dalgona coffee! See how well you know your #foodtrends.

Photo by: Photograph by Ralph Smith

Photograph by Ralph Smith

1. Which hashtag would an influencer most likely add to the photo above?

  • (A) #cheesepull
  • (B) #socheesy
  • (C) #saycheese
  • (D) #cheeseporn
June 2018 Fun Cooking

June 2018 Fun Cooking



2. Hot chicken is originally from:

  • (A) Chicago
  • (B) Los Angeles
  • (C) St. Louis
  • (D) Nashville

3. Taiyaki roughly means ______ in Japanese.

  • (A) Soft serve
  • (B) Fried fish
  • (C) Sprinkles
  • (D) Ice cream cone

Photo by: Photograph by Ralph Smith

Photograph by Ralph Smith

4. What are the pepperoni above called?

  • (A) Grease cups
  • (B) Round ronis
  • (C) Roni cups
  • (D) Curly pepperoni

5. What is the egg dish above called?

  • (A) Cloud eggs
  • (B) Puffed eggs
  • (C) Egg poufs
  • (D) Double-baked eggs

6. Match the design trend to the toast.

  • Galaxy ______
  • Unicorn ______
  • Mermaid ______

7. Match the colorful ingredient to its hue.

  • Ube ______
  • Matcha ______
  • Turmeric ______
  • Butterfly pea powder ______
  • (A) Yellow
  • (B) Green
  • (C) Purple
  • (D) Blue

8. These are called ______ pancakes.

  • (A) High-rise
  • (B) Soufflé
  • (C) Jumbo
  • (D) Surprise-inside

9. Match the country of origin to these Instagram stars.

  • Japan ______
  • Republic of Georgia ______
  • South Korea ______
  • Mexico ______
  • (A) Khachapuri
  • (B) Dalgona coffee
  • (C) Elote
  • (D) Egg salad sando

10. Which mash-up food was not an Instagram trend?

  • (A) Spaghetti taco
  • (B) Churro ice cream sandwich
  • (C) Sushi burrito
  • (D) Cookie shot

11. Which of these flowers is edible?

  • (A) Anemone
  • (B) Daffodil
  • (C) Nasturtium
  • (D) All of the above


12. Pancake cereal is served warm.

  • True
  • False

13. #Foodintheair is used as a hashtag for airline food.

  • True
  • False

14. Activated charcoal turns food black.

  • True
  • False

15. Naked cakes have no toppings.

  • True
  • False


Give yourself one point for each correct answer.

1. (A) More than 100,000 #cheesepull posts show cheese stretched to extreme lengths.

2. (D) Try the original, on white bread with dill pickle chips, at Prince’s Hot Chicken.

3. (B) Taiyaki NYC turned the fish-shaped cake, which is filled with custard or red bean paste, into a soft-serve cone.

4. (C) The Instagram account @ronicups has more than 25,000 followers!

5. (A) This dish calls for baking whipped egg whites before adding the yolks.

6. (One point for each) Galaxy (C); Unicorn (A); Mermaid (B).

7. (One point for each) Ube (C); Matcha (B); Turmeric (A); Butterfly pea powder (D).

8. (B) Like soufflés, these Japanese pancakes are made with whipped egg whites.

9. (One point for each) Japan (D); Republic of Georgia (A); South Korea (B); Mexico (C).

10. (A) Fewer than 900 people have tagged their pics with #spaghettitaco.

11. (C) There are more than half a million #edibleflowers posts.

12. (T) The trend involves piping tiny pancakes onto a pan and cooking them.

13. (F) One hand snaps an image while the other holds your food in the air.

14. (T) The ingredient is common in all-black “goth foods.”

15. (F) The cakes have little or no frosting but are often decorated with fruit and flowers.



You’re not a social climber but that’s OK: Just grab your favorite Instagrammable drink and call it a day.

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