Feed Your Instagram Feed with These Dreamy #Avocado Dishes

They're all you avo-wanted!

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America’s obsession with avocados started sometime around 2011, when the avocado-toast trend exploded, and it shows no sign of dying down: Per capita consumption of avocados has doubled in the past seven years. We like the way they taste, but we really like the way they look. In response to our never-ending avocado posts on Instagram — bowls, toasts, fries, roses and every other form — Apple finally released an avocado emoji in 2016. Try making one of these dishes from Food Network Magazine to add to all the #avocado posts. At last count there were about 10 million others!

When it comes to avocado recipes, avocado toast will always reign supreme. Take yours to the next level with this delicious spin from Food Network Kitchen. You'll layer your crusty bread with a dreamy Parmesan, kale and pistachio pesto and top it with thinly sliced avocados and fiery red pepper flakes for fun flavor and eye-catching decoration.

This over-the-top creation was made for your Instagram profile. To make it, you'll line the outer half of an avocado with toasty black sesame seeds and fill it with a generous serving of chili-garlic infused salmon poke. Top with crunchy radishes, white sesame seeds and fresh scallions and dig right in!

Part-appetizer, part-snack, these swirly avocado rolls are visually stunning. Crunchy black rice is combined with a luscious mixture of peanut butter, hoisin sauce and Sriracha to make the yummy filling, while bright bites of mango and red bell pepper provide the picture-perfect topping.

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