These 3 Pizza Recipes Will Turn You into an Instagram Star

You're gonna want a pizza of this!

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Photo by: Photograph by Ralph Smith

Photograph by Ralph Smith

If you associate Instagram with freakishly large milkshakes and rainbow bagels, you might be surprised to learn that pizza is actually the food we post more than any other. Instagram users share an average of 190,000 #pizza posts every day, according to the platform’s data team. Entire accounts have been created for specific genres: aerial pie views, cheese pulls, even grease-filled pepperoni cups. We also have Instagram to thank for fueling America’s growing interest in homespun pizzas — like Sicilian, Detroit-style and grandma pies. It’s no wonder these three have become Instagram darlings: They fit perfectly into the app’s square format! Try these 3 recipes from Food Network Magazine and see for yourself.

Though store-bought dough is great, sometimes it pays to make your pizza dough from scratch. You'll only need 6 ingredients to make this super simple sheet-pan version and the end result is nearly identical to the crust on your favorite take-out pizza.

Photo by: Photograph by Ralph Smith

Photograph by Ralph Smith

You'll use three different cheeses — ricotta, pecorino romano and mozzarella — to make this creamy and dreamy pizza pie.

Photo by: Photograph by Ralph Smith

Photograph by Ralph Smith

This delicious recipe turns everyone's favorite pasta dish into an irresistible snack. Grab a slice, then grab your phone and start snapping!

Photo by: Photograph by Ralph Smith

Photograph by Ralph Smith

'Roni cups for the win! This yummy pizza is topped with pickled cherry peppers, hot honey, and of course, pepperoni to give you a picture-perfect dish.

Photographs by Ralph Smith

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