6 Soothing Instagram Accounts You Should Follow Right Now

You'll be watching these for days.

April 29, 2020

If you’re in need of some relaxation, these soothing Instagram accounts will give your brain a break. And chances are, they’ll also leave you hungry 😉.

Unbelievable Carving Skills

It’s easy to get lost in the hypnotic, ages-long art form of Thai fruit and vegetable carving. Watch as Takehiro Kishimoto, an artist from Kobe, Japan, carefully and precisely carves wearable chain links out of a pumpkin or a dragon out of a pear. Yes, you read that right. A pear.

Playful Plates or Playful Plate Perfection

This edible artwork is sure to make you smile. Que Phuong Tran plates adorable scenes of sea animals, dinosaurs and flamingos made out of various vegetables and proteins. A perfect way to pass the time with kids, you’ll even see videos of her daughter creating a delicious masterpiece out of rice, eggs and veggies.

Guilty Pleasures Galore

Satisfy all your cravings with one of the most decadent food accounts out there. Watch as dozens of doughnuts get rhythmically iced at once, a multi-layer chocolate cake is cut with a fork and fluffy Japanese ube cakes jiggle.

Next-Level Chocolate Art

Who knew chocolate could look like this? Norico creates customized chocolate art that looks so life-like you won’t want to eat it. Watch as every video shows the artist spreading and swirling liquid chocolate onto a blank canvas to create a shockingly realistic portrait. We can’t stop staring at his hypnotizing chocolate swirls.

You’ll Get a Sugar Rush Just Scrolling

If you’ve got a major sweet tooth, you’ll immediately fall in love with this Instagram account. The people behind @cakesbae take the best of the best from bakers around the world and showcase their gratifying creations. Favorites include pouring a chocolate mirror glaze and cutting a giant chunk of cake to reveal its gooey center.

An Avocado Aficionado

Here’s some more fruit and vegetable art to feast your eyes on. Watch Italian artist Vincenzo Scuruchi take an ordinary egg and carve a snake into its delicate shell. All his creations are incredibly satisfying, but his different geometric avocado carvings are his piece de résistance.

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