We’re Completely Mesmerized by This Tiny Felt Kitchen (and You Will Be Too)

Andrea Love's stop-motion creations are one part ASMR and one part adorable.

April 04, 2020

Social media has always been a huge distraction whether it’s interacting with our friends or scrolling endlessly through our feed. I know I’ve been guilty of spending countless hours on my phone. However, having that outlet makes it so much easier for everyone to connect, share and find inspiration all over the world. Just the other day I was going through a food funk where I didn’t know what to cook or what to eat when I stumbled upon the most relaxing video on Instagram that combined my love for food and ASMR.

Instagrammer Andrea Love aka @andreaanimates is a stop-motion animator and self-proclaimed needle felter who is known for her popular cooking with wool videos. Against a backdrop of a tiny felt kitchen, she uses common kitchen sounds, like the tinkering of utensils, and familiar ingredients (made of wool, of course) to create some of our favorite dishes. The videos are so mesmerizing... and strangely mouthwatering.

You’ll be watching and re-watching these all day long:

Breakfast of Champions

Wake up to the sounds of eggs sizzling on a frying pan and the meticulous smear of butter on toast.

Cup of Joe

Indulge in the perfect sounds of that first cup of coffee captured in this tiny mug featurette.

Pasta with Red Sauce

Carbo-load on this classic plate of pasta marinara! Appreciate all the small details from the boiling pot of water to precisely chopped veggies to pasta being thrown against a wall.

Let Us Eat Cake!

If you thought icing a cake was relaxing, think of piping onto a chocolate felt one that’s as tiny as your fingertips.

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