TikTok Is Mesmerized By People Peeling Raw, Uncooked Eggs

It’s a slow, meticulous process, and once you start watching, it’s hard to look away.

January 10, 2022

To challenge?

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Have you heard about the TikTok Egg Peel Challenge? If not, you may assume it has something to do with people sharing short videos of themselves peeling hardboiled eggs. But no. Users on TikTok are racking up millions of views on videos in which they painstakingly peel RAW eggs, using a variety of tools (metal picks and tweezers, among others) to carefully strip away the outer shell while leaving the inner, yolk-and-white-containing membrane intact.

And whether you find the egg-peeling process — which, when successful leaves a wobbly golden object and when unsuccessful leaves a goopy mess — gross or engrossing (or perhaps both) depends on your perspective.

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Still, you have plenty of opportunities to gauge your response, and you will not be alone in watching: “Egg Peel Challenge,” which seems to have kicked into high gear in mid-December, and brings up scads of videos — with a cumulative 44.1 million views on TikTok.

Some TikTokers take a tutorial or “how to” approach and highlight the inherent difficulty of the task at hand: “Upon starting, I was immediately faced with challenges. Getting the initial crack in the egg proved to be nearly impossible,” reports one TikToker in an Egg Peel Challenge video that has amassed 2.1 million views. “The biggest problem is separating the membrane from the inside shell. If you move too quickly, you tear the membrane, which is exactly where we failed.”

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Others took a more soothing, ASMR approach, such as this one, with more than 297,200 views. It emphasizes the sound of the shell separating from the membrane, and caps off with the triumphant strains of the “Hallelujah Chorus.”

Some, like this one, with more 51,500 views, zero in on the pivotal final shell-removal moment. “So it was very relaxing, and then in the end, it was just stressful, but it’s worth it. It looks amazing,” that TikToker shares.

And some #eggpeelchallenge videos simply defy description, such as this one, this one and this one. (Judging from several videos, the final bit of shell really does seem to be the toughest to remove without incident.)

The delicacy of the process is obviously a huge part of its appeal. In fact, peeling raw eggs is something surgeons apparently do to hone their skills. A quick search of YouTube, where videos of people peeling raw eggs is not so new, reveals that dentists peel raw eggs as practice, too.

Strange and fascinating. But maybe dive into this TikTok trend slowly (and meticulously): Watching too many of these egg-peel-challenge videos at once may leave you feeling a little … shell-shocked.

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