The Latest TikTok Craze? Dipping Raw Onion Slices Into Marinara Sauce

Somehow, raw onion is the new chip?

October 15, 2021


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Pasta chips are one thing. But onion chips? Friends, raw onions are the latest food trend to go viral on TikTok. And not surprisingly, the internet has some thoughts.

It all started with TikToker Bethany Ugarte (@lilsipper_official), who in late September shared a video of herself dipping a raw onion “chip” into a small jar of marinara sauce, taking a big ol’ bite and seeming pleased.

“Raw onion is the perfect chip to dip in marinara sauce,” she says. “Don’t knock it till you try it.”


🧅🥫 #onions #marinarasauce #weirdfoodcombos

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Ugarte, a food blogger and cookbook author focused on gut health, also added three choice hashtags: “#onions,” “#marinarasauce” and “#weirdfoodcombos.”

Yeah, weird maybe isn’t the half of it — and presumably as a result of its strangeness, Ugarte’s post went viral, racking up 2.9 million views and counting.

But that doesn’t mean everyone liked the idea of snacking on raw onions— or that they intended to take Ugarte’s “don’t knock it …” advice to heart.

“This is me. Knocking it before I try it,” wrote one skeptical TikToker whose comment has been liked more than 149,200 times and generated more than 660 replies.

“Knocking,” agreed another.

“Knock knock. It’s me. Knocking it,” a third chimed in.

Others had specific objections.

For instance, the “chip.”

“I’ve always thought chips were the perfect chips,” one such commenter shared.

In other cases, the sauce.

“Why are you dipping anything in marinara sauce,” wondered another.

A fair number of commenters were understandably concerned about the snack’s effect on breath or digestion.

And then, there were those — few but proud — expressing support.

“I don’t know why y’all are freaking out, this low-key looks like it might be good,” wrote one brave commenter.

“I eat raw onions like an apple so this looks good to me,” shared another.

One person even suggested a variation, writing, “I wonder what it’s like with hummus.”

“Now I wanna try,” Ugarte responded.

You didn’t expect her to knock the suggestion, did you?

As for whether anyone actually tried Ugarte’s original “onion chip” and marinara sauce challenge, yeah, TikTok myth busters Party Shirt did.


They declared it “fire” and “beautiful.” So there you have it!

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