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Season 32, Episode 2

Oodles of Noodles

The chefs are tasked with making noodle or pasta dishes from the items in the mystery baskets. In the first round, the competitors get ingredients that seem to point them in an Asian direction, then they crank out fresh pasta in round two. The final round has the chefs using their noodles to try to make desserts that fit the theme.

May 17
3pm | 2c
Season 32, Episode 4

Whiskey and Wings

Whiskey and wings appear in some form in every basket, guaranteeing a good time in each round! A fun starch must also make its way onto the chefs' appetizer plates, then hot sauce is in the mix for round two. Finally, what type of wings will the competitors get in the dessert round?

Jun 15
5pm | 4c

Scott Conant

One of New York's most respected chefs as well as a judge on Chopped, Scott Conant creates food that is unexpected and soulful.

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