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A Sweet (and Salty) Look at Duff Goldman's Wedding

What happens when master cake-maker, Duff Goldman, marries the woman of his dreams? The cake is incredible — and there's lots of it!

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Mr. and Mrs. Goldman!

Anyone who has seen Duff Goldman put fireworks in a cake or build an elephant out of modeling chocolate knows that he likes things extreme. So when he started planning his wedding this past January to Johnna Colbry, he had to think big. “I didn’t want something generic,” he says. Ultimately, the couple decided to get married amid dinosaur bones at Los Angeles’s Natural History Museum, inviting some of their Food Network friends, including Alex Guarnaschelli, to join them. Johnna helped pick the venue — and had the final say on Duff’s suit. (“Man, was I happy when she said my shoes would be Converse,” he says.) But the food was all Duff. “I kept it fun and casual: L.A. street tacos, Kansas City barbecue, cookies made by our guests.” And of course, cake—three of them, designed by the groom himself. “Johnna and I weren’t looking for photo ops,” he says. “We just wanted everybody to be like, Wow, these kids are insanely in love — and this is the best wedding I’ve ever been to.”

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Look At 'Dem Bones

The ceremony took place in the museum’s foyer, where a T. Rex skeleton is on display. About 250 guests attended. (“Actually, it was more like 270 — a lot of my friends crashed!” Duff says.)

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What a Zoo!

Duff and Johnna are animal lovers, so they treated their guests — and themselves — to a petting zoo. “Honestly, I just wanted to pet a pony on my wedding day,” Duff admits.

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Pretzels For All

Geof Manthorne, Duff’s executive chef at Charm City Cakes in Baltimore, turned him on to soft pretzels. Duff requested them for the cocktail hour, along with mustard and beer cheese for dipping.

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