11 Mess-Free Foods That Are Perfect for Cocktail Hours

A standing cocktail hour is the perfect transition between a wedding ceremony and a reception. But keeping guests happy and well fed with minimal table space and no seating can be a logistical nightmare. Nothing is worse than cumbersome appetizers and a stained party dress when you’re hungry! Here are some appetizers that reduce the risk of stained clothes, messy hands and crumbs on the floor.

Mini Meatballs

A mini meatball should be easy to devour in just one bite. Pack the meatballs with flavor before you form them, or glaze them in a sauce like these sesame ginger bites. Kick up the flavor, but not the mess, by adding fresh herbs like Thai basil or cilantro before serving. 

Lettuce Cups

Lettuce with a natural cup shape — like the inner leaves of Bibb or Boston lettuce — provides a gluten-free alternative to traditional buns and wraps. Fill your lettuce cups with cold chicken salad or warm Asian-inspired chicken for a delicious snack that doesn't require a plate. 


To keep guests satisfied (and sober) before the seated meal, protein is a must. Grilled meats on a skewer are the ultimate easy-to-eat-while-standing food. Cut down on mess potential by making sure there isn’t too much meat on the skewer and that it’s completely pierced through.

Deviled Eggs

To elevate this Southern favorite, top your little devils with Parmesan crisps and asparagus tips. Crunchy toppings not only make an impressive display, but also round out the bite with additional texture. Deviled eggs also provide a nonmeat option for lacto-ovo-vegetarian guests.

Cocktail Shrimp

Shrimp is always a no-fail crowd-pleaser. Serve peeled shrimp with cocktail picks, and preseason them with spices or a squeeze of lemon. Can’t go without the cocktail sauce? Leave it in small dishes on the passed tray or at the snack station. Keep small containers around the room for discarding tails or peel the shrimp entirely for a totally mess-free option.

Pot Stickers 

The key to a successful spread of hors d’oeuvres is variety. Dumplings like these pictured are just one option for a multitude of fillings completely wrapped in a dough of some kind. Pierogi and empanadas are two other inspired options that are easy to skewer and serve.

Pretzel Bites

Pretzel bites are a fun throwback reminiscent of childhood summer days at the ballpark. Go sweet and serve with cinnamon and sugar, or opt for traditional salt. More flavor required? Stuff them with cheese or even a slice of pepperoni. Supply picks next to the platter to keep hands clean.

Savory Shortbreads

Shortbreads are more substantial and less breakable than crackers, and their thicker width makes them ideal for packing on the fixings. Opt for bite-size versions, and top with savory flavors like garlic and cheese.


Sushi makes a standout display (especially if someone is rolling it onsite!). It's the perfect bite-size treat that can be filled with anything from fish and eel to cream cheese and avocado. Want to try something different? Offer temaki hand rolls, which look like sushi snow cones. Nori, the green seaweed part of sushi, is shaped into a cone and packed with rice and other fillings for a portable appetizer.

Spiced Feta Cubes

Skip the party nuts and go for this smarter salty snack. Cubed and spiced feta (with herbs, red pepper or other options) is easy to serve on a pick and pair with other menu flavors. It’s another gluten-free option, too!

Cream Puffs

If you need something sweet to balance out the savory stuff during cocktail hour, cream puffs provide an easy solution. Cream puffs can be filled with ice cream, whipped cream or even fruit! They require no utensils and are kid- and adult-friendly.