All the Things You Didn't Know About Jason Smith

We've gotten to know Jason Smith through his jazzy outfits, brilliant sayings and unabashed authenticity. But here are some facts you might not know about this country-bling chef.

All About Jason

Do you know Jason's guilty pleasure food? Or what he deems "The Holy Trinity of Kentucky?" Keep clicking to find out.

Favorite Weeknight Dinner: Taco Tuesday

Signature Dish: Garlic-Studded Polenta with Pan-Seared Pork Chops and a Tomato Gravy

One Ingredient He'll Never Cook With: Lavender

Guilty-Pleasure Food: Lobster Mac and Cheese

Greatest Strength in the Kitchen: Planning and Prep

Must-Have Dish for His Last Supper: Homemade Italian Crème Cake

Best Advice He's Ever Received: Always Be Yourself, and You Will Be Fine

3 Must-Have Ingredients: Bourbon, Bacon and Butter: The Holy Trinity of Kentucky

Most Under-Rated Veggie, According to Jason: Beets

Favorite Childhood Dish: Aunt Mae's Oatmeal Cake

Past Jobs: Country Gas Station Employee, Floral Designer, Caterer and School Cafeteria Manager