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10 Tips for Making Jason Smith's Maple Nut Tart Like a Pro

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Photo: Eddy Chen

Jason's Must-Know Tricks

Jason's sharing details about how to approach key steps in his go-to tart recipe, plus his advice for customizing the ingredients to your tastes.

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Don't Forget to Grease the Pan

It's important to use plenty of baking spray in the pan, Jason says, to ensure that the crust will pop out easily later on.

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To Yolk or Not

To make a lighter version of this tart, opt for egg whites only — no yolks — when prepping the sweet vanilla-spiked filling. "It's not as rich-tasting, but it still works the same," Jason explains.

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Vanilla Varieties

Jason likes to use vanilla bean paste to flavor his filling, but if you don't have that on hand, go for traditional vanilla extract — or even vanilla powder, if it's available.

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